Daily Archives: November 2, 2009

how is this fair?

I haven’t taken the opportunity to talk about my body much at all since I gave birth, but circumstances have presented themselves that encourage me to do so.

In short, I’ve got my first postpartum period.

That’s right, readers. I am eight weeks postpartum, and I’ve got my period. For the record, my postpartum bleeding ended completely only two and a half weeks ago. How did I get to be so lucky?

I meant to write about this last week. I had a feeling this was coming. I had EWCM galore and even some ovulation pain. Still, I thought naively, I’m breastfeeding. I won’t have a period for at least a couple¬†of months. Ha. Ha. Ha bloody ha. On Saturday while at my parents’ I had my first hottub since I got pregnant, and on that same day, some spotting, and it was all downhill from there. Amusingly enough, I assumed it might just be a little more postpartum bleeding. Ha.

I guess this means I’m fertile again. My wife jokingly asked today, “Do you want to start TTCing again?” Not today, dear. Not today.


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