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we made it

We are home, and we survived. Baby Genius experienced more family than he knew what to do with, and we’re all suffering from over-stimulation. It all went fairly well–as well as a crazy family holiday can–but we’re so, so happy to be home. When we walked in, our boy was immediately smiley, and when we took him into his room for a change, and he finally saw his elephants again, the boy was positively elated. Despite the exhaustion we’re all feeling, I am left with a lovely image of my 88-year-old grandmother–BG’s great-grandma–holding the baby in front of her as he babbled, cooed, smiled, and eventually giggled at her. She was overcome with joy and I was very proud of my son for giving her such a gift.


When we took BG to the doctor on Wednesday, they still didn’t have test results, so we’re still waiting to find out if he has any sort of infection.  He still has the occasional bit of blood in his stools, which is continuing to freak us out. Other than needing to recover from the trip, he doesn’t necessarily seem ill or in pain, so we just don’t know what to think. It’s not just the blood though. The boy’s poo is dark green and mucusy, and it’s frankly rather freaky. Again, he doesn’t seem uncomfortable, but the stuff just doesn’t look right. BG’s doctor is in tomorrow, so we’re hoping to hear some results then. He did assure us Wednesday that BG is otherwise doing very well, and  while he wants to determine the origins of this, he is also fairly reassuring thus far. I will certainly update here on the matter when we know anything.


This week has marked some great advancements for our Baby Genius. He has started to grab things. He has this great firefly by Lamaze, and it has crinkly wings. Today he was hitting the wings for awhile, and then he grabbed the whole thing and held it against his face. It has all kinds of textures, so he kept rubbing his face and hands over the different textures. It was such a remarkable sight to see! This is such a simple thing, but our son is becoming so much more present in the world. He interacts more with objects and with us. Also today, he noticed for the first time one of our cats. He followed her with his eyes as she walked the length of the back of the sofa and sat down again. I have a feeling we’re heading into some fun times.

I’ll write something more coherent tomorrow, but with just three days left in NaBloPoMo, I simply couldn’t not post, even if I can write little more than gibberish.


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