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splish splash

Today brought us my favorite family moment yet: our first family bath.

At first, it was just me and our baby. I held him as he floated around and kicked in the water. His eyes were bright and wide, his body relaxed. He was so happy, so alert, so peaceful. J was sitting on the side of the tub helping me bathe our son, but before long, when she recognized the magic in the moment, she got in too. We sat quietly in the tub, wearing nothing but sleepy smiles, floating our son back and forth to each other. We each held him close. We both swelled with love.

After we all dried off and diapered the boy, after we donned our comfiest of comfy clothes, we curled up on our bed, listened to the rain, and took a nap.

We have had a hard week, a week of tears, fights, and difficult compromises, but these simple, precious moments today brought us healing and closeness. They brought us back home.

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