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two months

Dear Baby Genius,

Today you turn two months old. I can hardly believe that two months have passed since I first held you, and yet it really does feel like you’ve been here forever. Baby boy, you are amazing. Every morning as our little family wakes up, I am surprised all over again at how much I can love a little person like you. Often, your mama and I will marvel at how much cuter you seem to get each time we look away for just a few moments. You’re positively adorable with your big blue saucer eyes, bowtie lips, and dimples on your pudgy cheeks. You are indeed our chubby, chubby cherub.

This month, the smiles have come in earnest. They started out these awkward smiles that would come on in a crooked sort of way until your mouth was wide open and your eyes were sparkling. Now you have all kinds of smiles. You have little grins, half-smiles, and my favorite, the big, whole-face, mouth-wide-open smile. You melt my heart with these grins, especially when you are nursing, and I look down to see you grinning up at me. That’s the sort of thing that will turn your mommy to goo.

You’ve got some new favorite things this month. Your changing table, which your grandpa built for you, has become your favorite place to be. Above your table are your dangling elephants with the bell attached, and when we lie you down on your table, we ring the bell. This elicited your first giggle one day, and even when you’re in a bad mood, it can bring a smile to your face. You also seem to love the picture above the table, as well as the light fixture, which casts circle shadows on the wall and across your face. You wiggle uncontrollably when one of us hits the light fixture to make the dots dance.

This past week, you really started to find  your voice. You have all kinds of coos and sweet sounds you make, and sometimes you’ll have a full conversation with us. You also like to talk to your moose, your bird mobile, Francois the Fish, and the new fish on your activity mat. You have a beautiful voice, and we’re looking forward to hearing more and more of it in the months to come.

This month showed us a new, alert Baby Genius. You like to interact with your moms and to be held, but you also like to chill on your own from time to time. The B.oppy pillow has become what we call your easy chair. You lie back in it and jabber on about Baby Genius things. We’re guessing you’re giving lectures on quantum physics; we just don’t understand your language yet. However, your gesticulating gives you away every time. You also positively love your new activity mat that your grandma gave you. You get to kick a jingly ball (kicking is another favorite pasttime of yours), and you get to coo and yell at the fish. It’s great fun for you, and it’s even more fun for us to see your little personality emerging. We can already tell you’re going to be a fun and curious boy.

You must enjoy all of these great activities a lot because you sure don’t like to sleep anymore. Most of your daytime naps are no more than twenty minutes. If we want you to sleep longer, we have to hold you or wear you, and while we always love holding you, there are times when your moms need to get things done. It would be really cool if you could start taking a longer nap or two during the day. Naps are really great. I think you could come to like them.

This month brought you a series of firsts. You met lots of people for the first time: your uncle and aunt who were living far away, your great-grandma, your other great-grandparents, your cousin, my cousins, and your moms’ dear friend, Aunt A. And guess what, Baby Genius? Everyone loves you. You smile at everyone, and you sleep on them too. You even managed to poop on Aunt A, and she still adored you.

You also had your first road trip, your first Halloween, and your first nights away from home. You took all of this in stride, and you were utterly charming, even when your toddler cousin screamed “Baby!” at you every time she saw you.

And finally, you had your first round of immunizations. These made you miserable. They made you scream, and they made your moms cry. Your mama and I agree that if we could, we would get them for you. Since you got your shots, you have been a much crabbier Baby Genius, and you have nursed and nursed and nursed, but you are recovering, and you won’t have to go back for more for another two months. At that same appointment, we learned that you are growing so very big! You are a whopping fourteen pounds, and you are over twenty-four inches long. Your doctor says you’re a healthy guy, and you seem to like him, even though he’s always pretending to drop you (he seems to like to check out your startle reflex).

Baby Genius, we are having such a good time getting to know you. You inspire us to make up all kinds of crazy songs about you (our new favorites: “Squirmy McWiggles” and “King of the Swamp”), and we find ourselves doing everything we can to make you smile. There are times when you are finally asleep in the evening when your mama and I look at each other and agree that we miss you and just need to hold you, so we do, even if it means you might wake up. There is nothing so wonderful as cuddling with our sweet boy. We both know that all too soon you won’t be interested in snuggling with your moms, so we’re soaking this up while we can.

Oh, baby boy, I know there is so much more that I could say about this month, but words tend to fail me when I try to describe our time with you. You have changed everything; you have brightened our world and made our hearts so much bigger, and we know it’s just going to get better and better from here. Thank you for choosing us, little crocodile.




two months old


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