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growing and growing and growing

So as we recently reported, our baby boy is growing at exponential rates. Friends have pointed out that he is nearly the size their babies were at six months. Our baby is a mere two months old. While for the most part, we’re okay with his size, there are some things that are less practical about it, and one of the biggest issues is that he’s just plain growing out of things.

Let’s take his sleeping arrangement. Instead of getting a co-sleeper or bassinette, we bought a moses basket in hopes of keeping cost down and having something that was rather portable for him to sleep in for his first few months. In fact, we were hoping it might last him to six months. Sounds like a good idea, right? Well it was,or rather, it might have been for an average-sized baby. While our Baby Genius has enjoyed his moses basket, and we have enjoyed its portability very much, but look at this:


Yes, he has nearly outgrown the basket. Fortunately, we rarely lay him down without swaddling him, so this takes his length down a few inches, but I think we have less than a month before our son has outgrown his bed. We aren’t sure what to do after this. We have a crib, but we’re pretty committed to having him sleep next to our bed right now. We’ve got a great night-time routine that involves staying in bed for feedings and diaper changings and just placing him back in his basket when he falls back to sleep. It keeps us all sane, especially on nights when he wakes up a lot. We’re not ready to move him to his room, and frankly, his crib scares him. Right now, we put him in it for play time, but I think all the extra space is overwhelming to him. J and I also like having him there, but we’re getting closer and closer to needing a whole new sleeping arrangement after just two months.

We’re finding, too, that he grows so rapidly out of his clothes. He has already gone through two clothing sizes. At two months old, he’s wearing either 3 month or 3-6 month clothes. We were fortunate to have several friends give us clothes before he was born, but we also bought plenty of items for him. Who doesn’t want to buy new clothes for their new baby, right? Sadly, there are a number of items we bought new that he was only able to wear once or twice. A few items we purchased at our local consignment shop he never got to wear.

Today we began to realize that it won’t be long before our son outgrows his infant car seat. It was just another of many things that we researched until we found the right one only to learn now that we’ll only be able to use it for a few months. There is no doubt in my mind that we’ll have to replace this thing by the time he’s six months old, unless his growth slows significantly.

Obviously, we can’t do much about this but find a place of acceptance and move forward, but J and I find ourselves on a regular basis turning to each other in shock and dismay that our son has outgrown something else. Had we known we were going to have such a Baby Giant, had we known he was going to be on some sort of crazy infant steroids, we might have made some different choices–shelled out the extra cash for a true co-sleeper, for instance–but then again,I doubt there is much we could have done.


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