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the sandman is on strike

Our boy had decided he’s not fond of sleep anymore, especially during the day. He won’t sleep longer than half an hour for his daytime naps, and we never know when we put him down if he’s going to awaken after a  few brief moments or not. If we want him to sleep at all during the day, we usually have to keep him on one of us. 

At night, he typically doesn’t go longer than three hours (and that’s a good night) in his basket. Lately, he seems to need to awaken at night every hour and a half. Sometimes it’s because he’s hungry; other times, it’s because he just wants comfort.

For awhile, we had a fairly reliable night time routine, where he went down for the night at around 7:00. We would wake him up for a diaper change and to eat at ten. He would be back to sleep by eleven and would then sleep until 2:00 or 3:00. It was great. Those days are no longer. It seems our trip out of town, combined with the time change has resulted in a baby who refuses to sleep in the evening too. Instead, he becomes so very tired that he fusses and fusses. Our evenings are becoming fairly exhausting.

We are beginning to wonder when our boy will succumb to sleep again. Is he going to be fifteen and waking us up three times a night?


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