Daily Archives: November 23, 2009

mother’s milk

Never in my life did I think I would find myself googling the color and consistency of bowel movements, but that is precisely what I have been doing today. I don’t plan to share the gory details here for fear of driving you all away (let’s just say that “blood” was one of my search terms), but our son’s diapers–and one in particular– have given us cause for alarm, and now we’ve got to go see his pediatrician today.

My preliminary research tells me I may have to give up dairy soon–my beloved morning yogurt, the cream in my decaf, and even cheese. I was a vegetarian for years, but never vegan because I am a dairy fiend, and the thought of giving it up frightens me a little. Don’t get me wrong; I’m intimately familiar with all kinds of alternatives. Soy and rice milk have long been parts of my diet–but voluntarily. There was always the option of having cream or milk of the bovine persuasion.

Honestly, though, I’m hoping that a mere sensitivity to something in my breastmilk is all we’re dealing with here. I would far rather endure the challenge of giving up dairy than to have something horribly wrong with our baby’s GI tract. I’ll subsist on oats and sprouts alone if I have to. It doesn’t mean I’ll be happy about it, but I will if it means our baby will be okay.


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