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moms on the move

This week, in an attempt to liven things up and feel a little more human, we’ve been getting out more regularly. For some time, Baby Genius was having a rough time when we put him in his stroller. On a couple of occasions, we attempted to go for walks only to have to turn around because he was melting down. But staying at home and doing nothing but housework hasn’t been good for us. Tuesday, we decided to finally try for another walk, and we aimed high by going to a trail through town that we haven’t been on since I was pregnant.


It was so lovely to get out. This trail winds through some small vineyards, and they’re beginning to change color, so they were quite stunning. Baby Genius did beautifully. He slept through the first part of the walk and then woke up to enjoy the shadows being cast inside his seat.


Upon completing our walk, we were feeling so good that we decided to head to the market for ingredients for dinner. I put him in the Moby, and he stayed awake, content to look around and see the sights. He only fell asleep as we got in line to pay, but he was in such a good mood. We learned later that the outing had been good for his sleep schedule too because when we came home, he had a nice chunky nap. We were stunned, and of course, delighted to have gotten out.

This confidence extended to yesterday, when my mom was visiting, and we opted to take her to a local Biodynamic winery for some tasting and a mini hike through the vineyards.


I wore BG in the wrap most of the time, and again he did beautifully. We even took some breaks during our walk to nurse.


Walking through vineyards this time of year is really magical. So often, one doesn’t get to really experience the visual splendor that is autumn here in California, but in wine country, that’s another story.


Autumn has always been my favorite time of year, and last year, I learned that this is the place to be during autumn, yet this year, I have missed so much of it already. I have been indoors day after day, and the weeks have passed me by. I have missed the freedom of so easily going for walks, of being outside, of taking in this gorgeous place where we live. This day at the winery gave me a  little taste of that freedom I used to have, and sharing it with a wakeful, calm Baby Genius was so fun.


 More importantly, however, getting out reminds J and I of who we used to be–of who we are. And it is helping us see who the three of us can be as a family. We want to be an active family, a family that goes places and soaks in experiences, and that is precisely the family we have been this week.


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