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a placeholder, really

Our appointment with the pediatrician yesterday was inconclusive. We’ve got stool samples at the lab, and we’re going to have a follow-up appointment tomorrow to find out the results. The doctor thinks it’s likely an infection of some kind, not an allergy, but he wasn’t overly alarmed. So on our way out of town tomorrow, we will go to the doctor and hope like hell that it’s just a ride-out-the-infection sort of situation. I won’t likely update about it until Friday because I’ll be banking some posts for NaBloPoMo tomorrow morning.

I’m so exhausted. Getting ready for this trip has been hard. J is stressed beyond her limits to have to see my family again, and I am trying to fight off some sort of cold–that or I’m just so exhausted and run down that I feel that way. But there are some things to look forward to: time with my brother and his wife, time with my sister and my niece, seeing extended family we rarely get to see. With any luck, we’ll survive it all unscathed, and we’ll come home Friday to collapse and enjoy our little family. I’m hoping like hell that it’s all so boring its unbloggable.

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