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sleepy head

First, a little business: If I left you a cryptic message on your blog about being nominated, please scroll down to the previous post; your award/nomination is below.

I have been waking up early the last couple of days to try to reset my internal clock. Soon, I will need to leave my home before 6:00am to teach two days a week. This will mean waking up no later than 5:00am. I can do this; I’ve done it before, but I haven’t done it lately at all. J and I have been staying up late and waking up late, and it has been wonderful, but it’s time to face the reality of scheduled sleep once again. Blech.

Also in preparation for teaching, J and I both got our hair cut yesterday. I feel like me again without the conservative, growing out all-American soccer mom look I had going. I don’t know that I’ve ever looked less like myself. But the growing out has ended, and I’ve got short, funky hair again. I’ve decided, after consulting with my stylist, to give it some color too. It won’t be drastic, but it will be more polished. She promises that we can deal with outgrowth without touching my scalp should I get pregnant in late October. I’m going to trust her because I’m tired of mousy brown. Even with chunks of blonde it was boring. J is just happy not to hear me complain anymore. I was complaining far too often about my hair. And speaking of J, she’s ultra hot with a sleek little bob ala Ni.cole K.idman in St.epford Wives.

Now that hair is dealt with, I have to finish planning the first half of the semester for both of my classes and find some professional clothes that won’t leave me melting into a puddle in front of 30 students. Luck will be needed.

Monday is on her way.

The brighter side of all this is that with teaching comes big girl paychecks and big girl benefits (from J anyway–and since we’re married, we’re now both entitled), and with big girl paychecks and big girl bennies, we get to shop for spermsicles. Today is CD1. Just two CD1s to go before we sperm up again. By golly, there is an end in sight!


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