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random survey for your pleasure

So, Ladies, as my lovely T is busy grading her papers (I gave up after 6 hours), it’s up to me to write tonight’s post. Apparently we’re supposed to write everyday this month for some kind of blogger honor (Napoblogmo?) I can’t think of a single thread to tease out for your entertainment, so I’ve devised a survey sure to delight.

1. If you could go on a date with Christiane Amanpour or Rachel Maddow, who would you choose?

2. NASA:  A colossal waste of money or the coolest shizznet evah?

3. Favorite Bush nickname?

4. TV: Lost or House?

5. When you were twelve, who did you most want to be like? (choose the most appropriate)

 a) Madonna b) Hillary Clinton c) Scary Spice d) Serena Williams e) Molly Ringwald

6. First name of your first love.

7. A good vacation: Skiing in Vermont or Scuba Diving in Cancun?

8. Finish this sentence: I love America because (or England, Canada, etc. –wherever you’re from)

9. Worst Olympic sport ever?

10. I want to be remembered for. . . . .

Have fun!

Oh, here are my answers:

1. I have always had a crush on Christiane Amanpour though she is far older than I and not gay, but a girl can dream, right? I mean, Rachel’s cute, but Christiane has stared down dictators!

2. Currently I’d say a colossal waste of money. Forty years ago, definitely coolest shizznet evah.

3. Dim Son

4. No contest, Lost.

5. Molly Ringwald

6. Deidre

7. Hmmmm. let me see… careening down an icy hill on two narrow, slippery sticks or possibly getting eaten by sharks? I think I’ll take my chances with the sharks.

8. I love America because I can offend my neighbors with my “No on Prop 8” signs and they can’t say shit to me about it.

9. Without a doubt, curling

10. being a good mother, should that blessed day ever come.


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