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a tasty compromise

After I finished work yesterday–which was only a blessed two hours in the late morning–we had lunch, showered, got Baby Genius clothed, fed, and nursed, and we headed to one of our favorite places in our little corner of wine country. It’s a sparkling winery atop a hill looking over the valley. We are club members there, so they serve us full glasses of sparkling wine–out on the veranda, overlooking the valley. They bring us little bits of cheese and tasty spicy almonds.

So this is what we did yesterday.  We each had two glasses of sparkling wine, nibbled on cheese, enjoyed the sun, the breeze, and the birds, and let BG play with a tasting menu, which made him laugh. The outting didn’t solve any problems, but it certainly was a nice respite. And honestly, it was a thousand times better than the little fantasy I had yesterday.


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One good thing about not being pregnant is that J and I get to attend and enjoy a crush event together at one of our favorite wineries tonight. Crush is harvest season, when all the grapes are picked, and the wineries start making the new wines for the coming years. This event is at one of our favorite wineries, Jacuzzi. We’re excited to go meet people, and we’re really excited to drink some excellent wine. I’m just delighted to be enjoying autumn in wine country. Yes, we get to take our minds off of everything for a little while and just be.


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