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39 weeks and belly shots

Today is vastly improved over yesterday. I’m feeling proactive and informed and strong again. Yesterday, though, yesterday I was a mess. I cried on and off the entire day until I went to sleep. It sucked. I felt like the end of this pregnancy had somehow become tainted, as though I had done something wrong. It was the worst feeling, and I’m so glad to be rid of it today.

Ultimately, the doctors and midwives have given me no reason beyond “big baby” for induction. They haven’t told me I’m too small or that he’s too big or that my health is in danger or that his health is in danger. None of this has been the case, and according to most reliable, peer-reviewed sources on the matter, a large baby isn’t a medical reason for induction. It’s almost always in the best interest of the mother and the baby to let labor begin on its own. I’m happy with this, and I’m happy to remember that I come from a long line of moms who deliver big babies. I’m built for this. These hips that have made shopping for jeans so impossible my whole life were made to do this. So that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

I have begun some measures to move Egghead down. Today I insisted on accompanying my wife to the home improvement store and the grocery store so that I could walk around in the comfort of air conditioning for a couple of hours, and it was great. I’m now fastidiously taking my evening primrose oil, drinking my raspberry leaf tea, and indulging in some nice intimate time with my wife as well (not surprisingly, this is my favorite activity of them all). Today, I’ve had some good contractions and have felt Egghead a bit lower (although he likes to go back up still), and I feel good about it all. I’m not rushing anything (there will be no castor oil in this house), but I’m happy to help him move along a little at a time without pressure or stress or the feeling that I’ve done anything wrong.

And so, today, we hit 39 weeks. It’s been a great day, and we’ve been able to stay close to one another and enjoy each other’s company. This is such a special time in our lives, and I’m grateful that we’ve got the opportunity to spend it together.

Now for what everyone’s truly been waiting for: the 39 week belly shots. J has vowed to take a photo of me every day until delivery now, for she says any day could be the day. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure. And for the first time, I reveal the bare belly. I can’t believe it, but I have no stretch marks.




Yes, this is the belly with the enormous baby that my OB practice is so afraid of. It’s big, but I’ve seen bigger! Here are a couple more, including today’s “just in case shot.”

Yes, I do have a face.

Yes, I do have a face.

Off to the hardware store.

Off to the home improvement store like the good lesbian I am.


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a rebel in maternity wear

I am feeling more than a little defeated. We just got back from today’s midwife appointment. We saw a different midwife–one we met and liked a couple of months ago. She’s a lovely person, but we’re learning she’s much more mainstream obstetrics than midwife.

Because we hadn’t seen her in awhile, she scanned my chart and quickly found the note the OB had written about suggesting induction at 38 weeks. She saw that it was likely because of the baby’s size, and she also saw the note from the other midwife stating that we wanted to wait. I told her that I wanted to avoid the downward spiral that is so often a pitocin-induced labor, and her response was that while she felt the same way when she had children, as a professional, she sees things differently. Ugh. Here we go again, I thought.

After measuring me and listening to Egghead’s heart, she concluded that we’re both still in great health. Then there was this throwaway comment–that since we’re both in good health, there is no medical reason for induction. It’s just that he’s big. Yes, he’s big. She made sure we knew that in another week he could grow half a pound or pound, and then when I asked when, in her opinion, we should really consider induction, she said, “Now.”

What. the. fuck?

At that point, she was ready to leave. No internal exam, just “Unless you have any other questions, we’ll see you in a week.” I asked if she had planned to do an internal exam–hell, they had already made me undress for it–so she did, and her news was even less encouraging. She thinks I might be one centimeter dilated, but the baby’s head isn’t far down at all, and she left me with the impression that no progress has been made whatsoever and that the only way this baby is coming out is through induction.

I would like to reintroduce one small piece of information: My due date is still eight days away. Eight days. They’re acting like I”m a month overdue with a fifteen pound child, and while Egghead is no waif, he’s likely at this point just barely nine pounds, and that is if we are to trust the ultrasounds, and of course, we’ve all heard the multitudes of stories of ultrasound weight predictions being more than a little off.

I’m livid and defeated, and I have only been able to stop crying for moments at a time since we left. I’m still not scheduling an induction, but I did schedule an appointment with the OB for next  Tuesday morning. I’m sick of so many mixed messages. The midwife we’ve been seeing most recently has been so positive and encouraging, and that is what we need right now. Instead, today, we have this midwife who seems just as fearful and controlling and by the book as any OB would be. It feels like they’ve got these sets of equations, and they’re just plugging my pregnancy into them without looking at me. Somehow, I’m not part of the equation. I don’t matter. All that matters is getting the baby out as simply as possible. I hate being treated like this; it’s so far from what I ever wanted, and I’m so tired of fighting.

To top things off, I’ve been fighting a cold for a couple of days. Why? Why?

I guess I respond best to things like this through action, so my next action is to try to get Egghead to do some dropping. As painful as it is on my pubic bone to do much walking, we’ll be walking as much as I can. I’m going to sit and bounce on the damn yoga ball throughout each day, and I’m starting a regimen of evening primrose oil. I just can’t sit around feeling defeated, feeling like yet another victim of our country’s broken obstetric system. I can’t do it. I want our son to come, but I want him to come naturally. I want to be allowed to trust my own body. Why is that such a crime? Why does this make me some kind of rebel?

I’ve also just got to escape some of the pressure to have this baby as soon as possible. I’m not a fast person. I don’t do things on other people’s timetables, and I don’t deal well with external pressure. The calls from my family, while sweet, are not helping any more than the pressure from the OB. I need to find my center, my power, my strength again. I need to remember that this is something I can do.


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10 days

Today marks ten days until our due date. It is also one day until my birthday, and 244 days since we learned I was pregnant. Here we are, our lives on the verge of the hugest change we’ve ever encountered, and J and I are becoming impatient.

We thought the majority or our baby preparations were complete, but we keep finding more.  The following are the projects we have found to busy ourselves just in the last two days:

  • Yesterday, for example, after finding some lovely new drapes, we decided our bedroom needed a mini makeover. This also involved closet organization, cleaning, and more. It was great, and the end result is lovely. I’m sure Egghead will be delighted.
  • I have also finally finished my cloth diaper wipe project. We cut out a bunch of wipes from some great old flannel fabric a few months ago, but I have been putting off finishing the edges. Yesterday was the day to do it, and now we have dozens of flannel baby wipes. This is something I began to worry I wouldn’t ever finish, so it feels good to see the stack of cute little wipes.
  • We organized the clothes in Egghead’s closet, using different colored hangers to signal different clothing sizes.
  • We had the carseat inspected at our local AAA office (I highly recommend this! They’re wonderful!).
  • We have gathered documents to take with us to the hospital (marriage certificate, birth plan, and more).

Yesterday, we also spent an hour counting contractions. I was having them every twenty minutes or so, but then they stopped. I haven’t had any regular bouts of them today–yet, anyway–but it’s fun to practice nevertheless. I feel like the baby’s head may be dropping down a little now, which would be some nice progress. I won’t know anything official, however, until Wednesday’s midwife appointment.

Any time he’s ready, so are we. He’s just getting too big to stay in there much longer. Do you hear that Egghead? We’re ready for you (we even have nice, soft, flannel diaper wipes for you!). Any time now…


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38 week ramblings

This morning I awoke to my wife spooning me with her hand on my belly. She was marveling that she and Egghead were both awake, and I was still sound asleep. They were having some sweet morning time together as I imagine they might once he’s born. We spent the next half an hour letting Egghead know what he’s got to look forward to on the outside. We talked about everything from books to food to family adventures. He seemed to enjoy the conversation; we just hope we were convincing.

Today we  hit 38 weeks. We’re officially two weeks from our due date. Time is just flying by. I guess we’re just not one of those families for whom the ninth month is the slowest. We have just had so much to do! I occasionally have some contractions when I am up and around. Unfortunatley, I’m still chained to my computer for six hours a day until the end of the week, so finding the time to be up and around has been a little challenging. We’re trying to fit in small walks whenever we can. Sadly, my horrid pubic bone pain is also preventing me from spending a lot of time walking. Oh how I miss my long walks. I’m going to welcome them so much once he’s born.

We’re starting to field many more phonecalls from family. Whereas my mom and I typically only talk on the phone once a week, now she’s calling every other day. My brother, who usually calls me once a month, is now calling me on a weekly basis. Even my dad, who never calls is starting to call me every few weeks. It’s a little funny, but I do find their excitement endearing. Hell, we’re excited too.

I think it’s safe to say we’re in full-on nesting mode. My wife scrubbed the counter tops yesterday, and today we got up and immediately started organizing food and spices in the kitchen cabinets. She recently shampooed the carpets, and I’m just waiting for her to begin washing the walls. The woman is on fire. Of course, I keep seeing these projects that I am just dying to do too–things that are sort of my thing but are impossible with a gargantuan belly in the way, but I don’t want to wear my wife out, so I am trying to let them go.

My work scales back quite a lot as of Friday. I’ll be down to three hours a day, five days a week, which I’m looking forward to. The job I have is an online educational support position, and mostly I respond to student essays, train new instructors, and screen new employees, although I occasionally work in live chat rooms with students. It is a job that I can literally keep doing until I go into labor. I even spoke with one woman who worked with live students through her early labor! This is not something I will do, but it really is possible. I will probably try to start working again two weeks after Egghead’s arrival. It will be a challenge, but because I can work my three hours a day from home at any time and in any increments, I’m hoping it will be a good way to keep my brain functioning (and a little bit of a paycheck coming in).

My mom is coming for a quick overnight visit tomorrow, which will be lovely. She wants to celebrate my upcoming birthday and take us out to dinner. We are not complaining. This also gives us an opportunity to debrief before the big day so that we can discuss with her what we’ve been learning in birth class, what some of our preferences are for the birth, what roles she can play and so on. It’s like a little birth team meeting! That and I think she’s delivering a bunch of new diaper covers. Woohoo!

I keep reading that I’m going to start having trouble sleeping, but I honestly sleep pretty well. I am forever going to advocate that pregnant women sleep on memory foam mattresses, for this has saved me and my hips. So has my body pillow. My only real discomforts in the night are my pubic bone pain (which is resolved by flopping my top leg over the body pillow), the once-a-night heartburn wake-up call (the T.ums are right by the bed), and the regular need to pee. Peeing, though, is no big deal. I have mastered the art of napping while on the toilet, and getting out of bed is also an easy way for me to move the body pillow so that I can easily sleep on my other side. In other words, I’ve gotten very efficient at dealing with any and all nighttime annoyances, so I sleep really well right through the night. I’m told this can still change, and I accept that, but for now, I’m pleased since I know very well that full nights of sleep will soon be a distant memory.

We have started to make some food to freeze. Last weekend, I made a tasty chicken tortilla soup, and we froze a bunch of it. Today I’ll make a bunch of marinara sauce to freeze. We don’t have much freezer space, but even making up these little things will help when it comes to needing food when we’re too harried/tired/overwhelmed to cook. Casserole type dishes are out of the question  due to lack of space (although I might have to throw together some enchiladas), but if you have any suggestions for shortcut meal ideas that we can partially prep now, we’ll welcome them!


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37 weeks

We’re at thirty-seven weeks. Egghead is officially full term. While we are still three weeks from our due date, the boy can come at any time, and that’s what we’re telling him today. We’re ready–or nearly so–and it’s simply unbelievable that he’s nearly here.

I’m feeling so much better about dumping the class. I have had time to spend with my wife, time to go on little errands, and time to just sit and read. I’ve done frivolous things! I read The Time Traveler’s Wife (a fantastic novel), and then we went to see it (a terrible movie). We caught up with the new show The Colony, and we’ve even done a little shopping. It feels so good, and while I’m still working at my other job, I don’t have an English 1A-shaped cloud hanging over my head. When I go into labor, my current job goes on hold until I’m ready to come back–and coming back simply means logging onto the computer for a few hours a day whenever I feel like it for as long as I feel like it. Yes, things are getting better.

Today, we’re going to install the carseat into the vehicle we have now affectionately deemed “The Baby Bucket.” The car needs to be retired, but as it’s our only four-door, it’s going to have to do until the car fairy grants us with a new one. We have at least made it safe to drive, and that is what’s important.

Today, we finished writing a one-page birth plan, and I’m going to work on packing my hospital bag. My wife has gotten me some lovely comfort items for birth–some cute little socks, some essential oils for aromatherapeutic purposes, and even some new lipbalm. After the weekend, we’ll chat with the singing doula finally and determine whether she’s going to be a good fit (please, please, please). We also have to talk with our potential pediatrician, get me a hair appointment so our son won’t be terrified upon seeing me for the first time (and because my mom insisted on paying for cut and color for me as an early birthday gift), get the carseat installation inspected, and spend some time with friends. These things are so doable, and I’m enjoying checking them off of our list.

So we’re getting things in order, and it feels good, and I don’t feel so panicked now that 37 weeks has arrived.


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I received an email this morning from the chair of the online teaching committee informing me that I was going to have to type out every last lecture for the class I was possibly to teach spring semester, and I broke down. Last week, the department chair informed me that there was a strong possibility that the class would not be offered in the spring due to budget constraints, but that I could still plan it, just in case. Mind you, there was no pay that was going to be offered for these hours of planning. With no assurance that I’ll get to teach the class, and with dozens of hours more work than I anticipated (not to mention the 30-hour work weeks I’m still putting in at my other job), I gave up. I couldn’t do it. I wrote to the online chair, and I officially backed out of the class. Part of me–the professional side, the academic, the intellectual that doesn’t give up no matter how hard or tedious a job or how underpaid I may be–is very disappointed in myself. I’ve been crying for nearly two hours about this. I feel like a professional failure.

And then there’s this other side of me–the emotional side, the pregnant woman, the soon-to-be mom of this little boy who is jostling about inside my belly as I type–who knows this is the right decision. You see, people keep asking me if I’m excited, and when asked that, I automatically respond, “Oh, yes!” But the truth is, I have been filled with stress and fear and anxiety about all of the things that have to get done before I can even entertain the prospect of being excited about our son’s arrival. I keep telling myself, “Just meet this next deadline, and then you can get excited.” My heart has been breaking over this. I have wanted this baby for so very long, so to not feel excited–well, that was about the worst thing I could imagine.

So I’m taking this as a lesson in prioritizing, and for me, right now, my family has to come first. There will be other classes to teach in the future–maybe even in the spring. There will be other professional endeavors. But what I won’t have is a second chance at these last few weeks (or days) before our baby arrives. I won’t get back these last few sacred moments with my wife where we’re just a couple. I won’t get another chance at the building excitement, the final preparations, or even the hours just sitting and staring at my belly wondering who this little boy is and will be.

In my heart, I know I have made the right choice. I just need to get my head to follow.


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Midwife Appointment

Well, today’s appointment was a little more eventful than I had anticipated. The midwife we had not yet met had discussed last week’s ultrasound with our OB, so when she came in, she told us she had some good news, some pretty good news, and some not-so-good news. I think I knew immediately what that not-so-good news was going to be. She told us that everything looked great with the baby, that I looked healthy, and that my fibroids haven’t grown at all, which meant that were posing less of a risk of interfering with delivery. But then came the not-so-good. The doctor wants us to start thinking about induction because Egghead is so large.

Honestly, I almost laughed.

J and I have been waiting for the OB to throw down her first intervention, and I had a strong sense after finding out how big Egghead is that this would be it. I was honest with the midwife, however, and I told her that I thought we would be fine. I talked about my mom’s history of having big babies and that I just don’t think my body will have an issue with it. Since we had to do the lovely Group B Strep swab today anyway, she told me she’d examine me, check on the fibroid position, Egghead’s position, etc. so that we could approach this with more information.

So we commenced with the exam (the swab was easy), my first internal since my first appointment. She could feel Egghead’s big head, and it has moved down some into my pelvis (she didn’t tell us which station, and I forgot to ask). What she didn’t feel were any fibroids (I knew they were out of the way!), nor did she find a lack of space. In fact, I have been informed that I have a “beautiful pelvis” with plenty of room to pass a big baby. Not only that, but I have a “beautiful cervix.” It apparently is softening nicely, and it’s about 60% effaced. It isn’t yet dilated, but she says it is starting to dilate on the outside. In other words, my body is getting ready. I told her about yesterday’s increased contractions, and she was thrilled (she may have almost clapped) to hear that they included some cramping. Overall, once the exam was complete, she seemed pretty confident that I wouldn’t need to really think about induction unless I go more than a couple of days past my due date. Phew!

So this is where we stand. I don’t think Egghead is coming this week, and I’m going to encourage him to stay put for one week longer so that we can finish up our preparations. After he reaches his 37 week mark, I’ll begin welcoming him, letting him know that it’s okay for him to come when he is ready. We’ll wait a bit longer to proceed with any of our own induction measures, but we’ll be welcoming suggestions as we get closer. The reality that we are soon going to have a baby is finally starting to sink in.


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36 weeks/9 months/omg

Well here we are, a week away from full term, nine months pregnant. I still keep asking my wife how this happened, and I’m still in more than a little disbelief. But there is a very big baby taking up residence in my belly, and pretty soon, he’s going to have to come out.

J and I shared this morning that neither of us can truly grasp that there really is going to be a baby us permanently pretty soon. There are pictures we both have of bringing him home, introducing him to the cats, even changing him or nursing him, but the little daydream always ends with a question mark. Then what? It is so hard to know what to expect, despite our years of fantasies about our child. I’m sure plenty of that time will be  hard; I’m sure  plenty of it will be joyful. We’re both excited for it and nervous as hell, and I suppose in most ways, we’re about as ready as we’ll be until he actually gets here.

Today we have a midwife appointment with the one midwife we have yet to meet at our OB practice. She is the one that everyone has lovely things to say about, so we’re looking forward to this. I may also have my Group B Strep test today. Then tomorrow, we tour the new hospital to see how we feel about it. Honestly, I think we both know we’re leaning toward it. Things are falling into place somehow.

I seem to slow down a bit more each day, and then I have these bursts of energy where I feel relatively normal–until I’m on my feet. Yesterday, I took my wife on a picnic to this lovely winery with great picnic grounds and hiking trails. I knew we wouldn’t be hiking, but we were able to spend some time outside, and anytime we walked much of anywhere, I was gripped with the need to sit down immediately. I hate that feeling, but I’m surrendering to it more often these days, and it does keep me going. Here’s evidence, though, that I still can walk around, despite the giant belly:

pregnant in the vineyards

pregnant in the vineyards

We’re down to weeks to go, folks–no more months. I just need him to stay put for at least one more week so that I can finish planning myclass, take a nice deep breath (ha!) and feel a teensy bit more ready.


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August Showers

I just received one of my weekly pregnancy update emails–for week 35. I went into a full blown panic. I am freaking the fuck out. This means I’m two weeks away from full term, five weeks away from our due date. Time can’t possibly have slipped by this quickly. Everyone says that the last month goes by so slowly, but I have yet to experience that slowing. I’m waiting for it, but so far, each day zips by, and before I know it, I’m brushing my teeth, snuggling up to my body pillow, and reading myself to sleep.

We are almost ready physically, but there is one major issue: our car situation. We have a ten-year-old Toyota Corolla with a dead battery, which also is pretty close to needing new brakes and new belts. This is our four-door car. The car we get around in most is a two-door Celica. We have not tried to fit a car seat into the back of it, but we are nearly certain that it would be an impossible feat. So, we have to somehow get this Corolla into working order in the next couple of weeks because, well, a new or even used car is not in our near future. I am more than a little nervous about this, but somehow, we’re going to work it out.

We do, however, finally have a good supply of diapers! This weekend, we attended our family baby shower, which my mom and sister threw for us. It was held at my parents’ house in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada, and it was lovely. The shower was outdoors, and was attended by my grandmothers, an aunt, and a few cousins (as well as my mom and sister). They planned a sort of garden party theme with huge bunches of lavender as well as lots of pots of bedding flowers for decoration.

At our last shower, we requested no games or goofy shower activities, but my mother and sister insisted that this is how baby showers are thrown, so we gave them free reign. Before the guests arrived, J and I were given “Mommy-to-Be” Miss America sashes in pink, and we sat in our thrones whilst games were played.

huge but happy

huge but happy

My two grandmothers–both in their eighties–teamed up for several games and were the most competitive. It was rather amusing to see my 88-year-old grandma flaunting her 500 points she won in Nursery Rhyme Jeopardy. They were quite cute, and my mom and sister did a good job of limiting the games to just a few fun, interactive things. There was no baby food sampling, no diaper racing–just some trivia, some belly girth guessing, and a couple of others that I can’t recall. The prizes were the bedding plants that had been acting as decor. I loved that, and I especially loved that we got to come home with the leftovers–probably eight different pots of petunias, impatiens, and more. A little container gardening should go a long way toward calming me down.

The gifts were plentiful, and it was great fun to see what people did. We requested at both showers that people wrap their gifts minimally or with used materials, and we urged people to find gently used items when they could instead of buying new. While some went straight to their local C.arter’s outlet and picked up tons of cute clothes, others really took our requests to heart and spent some time finding great baby consignment shops. One aunt who couldn’t attend gave us two bags full of gently used toys, books, and clothes. She embroidered a new onesie with “My mommies love me.” This was, perhaps, one of our favorite gifts. My sister had suggested that people bring books instead of cards, so we got some fantastic books, one batch of which had been my books as a child (things like this are rare in my family because my parents’ home burnt down when I was in my twenties).


My sister and mom also compiled a gift for J–a labor coach’s bag, complete with ridiculous bullhorn and pompoms (along with many useful things such as snacks, toiletries, etc.).


Of greatest note, however, was the cloth diaper cake my sister built:


Not only were there three dozen cloth diapers in this thing, but also lots of toys, washcloths, burp cloths, receiving blankets, and more that I can’t recall. She also made a diaper wreath out of disposables (which will be good to have on hand early on), complete with a dangling pair of baby Con.verse, bath supplies, socks, and more. The girl was super creative!

We were positively overwhelmed with the gifts, and we’ve finally almost gotten them put away. We have been washing clothes and diapers, organizing everything, and finding even more space in this room of our son’s. Today, we even put together his hospital bag, complete with coming home outfit (and a backup). As I said, the physical things really are coming together. I just don’t know if Egghead’s moms are ready.

This afternoon, we have an ultrasound, so we’ll be sure to post photos and updates later today or tomorrow. I’ll also spend some time addressing Cindy’s questions from our last post. If anyone has other questions, feel free to send them along. I rather like the distraction!


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34 week update and OB appointment

Amidst all of yesterday’s madness, we had an OB appointment. Originally, we were going to meet the last of the three midwives in the practice, but I had to reschedule, so we decided to see our OB. Honestly, I’m glad we did. We wanted to check in with her at least once before Egghead’s arrival, so it worked out well.

It was one of those days when the entire practice was running late, so we had to wait an eternity in the waiting room and then another eternity in the exam room, and if you’d like to know a little secret about my wife, she’s not so good at waiting. Still, we were able to amuse ourselves with photos of babies on the wall.

When the doc did finally arrive, she asked how I felt about my weight gain (or lack thereof). I told here I felt okay about it, that it seemed the baby was taking it all since everything but my belly appears to be shrinking. She thought that was likely as well. When she checked my fundal height, it was right on track at 34 weeks. This is the first time it has been on track for a couple of months though–he’s been measuring two weeks ahead. In my estimation, there are a couple of things that may have caused this: a slight difference in how the two practitioners measure or a difference in Egghead’s position (last appointment, he was bulging out of my upper abdomen, and this time he was settled in down low). There is, of course, the more obvious possibility that his growth is evening out. Whatever it is, the doc decided it would be a good time to order a new ultrasound–not there in the office, but at the big ultrasound place where they make me drink lots of water.

So, we’ll get to see our Egghead again this next Tuesday. They’ll take measurements and take a look at the fibroids too. The doctor is being very positive about the fibroids at this point, stating that she doesn’t think they’ll be a problem. I told her that’s what I felt too and that it was helpful to me to think positively about it. We’ve come a long way since the big fibroid reveal a few months ago, and I’m glad for that.

So this is where we stand. Both my health and that of Mr. Egghead seem to be great, and we’ll find out a little more on Tuesday. We’re both honestly quite excited to see him again. It’s been fourteen weeks!

This weekend, we’re making our last trek out of town to go to my parents’ house. My sister and mom are throwing us a family shower, and we’ll get to relax and soak in some quiet while we’re there. Once we come back, though, we’re staying. No more trips. It’s time to settle in, get our nest on, and wait for this baby to come.

Today marks 34 weeks. I can’t believe we’re just six weeks away from our due date. Generally, I’m feeling pretty good. I am still getting several swims in each week, and I feel best when I’m in the water. In fact, I feel almost normal–it’s a strange sensation. Normally, though, I feel heavy and big, and every once in awhile, I waddle a little. My hips hurt most of the time, and my pubic bone pain now causes me to have to sit down to put my pants on because otherwise, it hurts too bad. All of this, we’re told, is normal, that my body is just stretching and stretching for the big day. Luckily, I still sleep rather well. The body pillow has returned, and most nights I wrestle with it until it ends up on the floor. For the most part, though, 34 weeks is not so bad. Yes, I’m ready to have the agility, speed, and comfort of my prepregnant body (I realize this is a naive dream), but I’m also trying to soak up every last moment of this pregnancy, making the most of even the less comfortable situations. I can already tell I’m going to miss it.


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