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a few answers

J started responding to some of your questions, but I’m using them for post fodder tonight. She will have to come back and fill in a few gaps, but here goes…

The first set is from Jay:

1) What did each of you want to do when you grew up, and is that what you are doing now?

I wanted to be many things. First it was a cowgirl/nurse. I couldn’t make up my mind. Later, I wanted to be an astronaut and pilot. This was a huge obsession of mine when I was between eleven and thirteen. I am not a cowgirl, a nurse, nor an astronaut. I think I would be making more money and have more stability with any one of these jobs.

2) If you have a girl, will The Pinkness faze you?

The pinkness is something I worry about a little. Neither of us is fond of pink. As a feminist and cultural critic, the use of colors to define male and female is disturbing to me. I know there’s no avoiding the pink though. I know we’ll see frills and lace and bows and pink if we have a girl, and I imagine we’ll have to deal with it. I don’t look forward to it though.

3) What’s better, wine or chocolate?

Both. Together. As J said, a great full-bodied red wine with some dark chocolate is one of the great experiences of life.

4) What’s your favourite item of clothing?

Funny you should ask: I hate so many of my clothes right now.

5) Biggest TTC gripe thus far?

The time it is taking, the money it is costing. In short, it’s a lot harder than we expected or than it should be.

These questions are from giggleblue:

hmm, do you have any phobias?

I am afraid of heights. I get dizzy. This started at a late age, though. My mom and I were at some huge Broadway show when I was about 22, and we were walking to our seats in the balcony. I looked down and had the worst vertigo. To top it off, there was no handrail to hang onto as I walked down the steps to my seat. Sitting in the balcony that whole night was torture.

I also was terrified of flying for awhile. J may very well have permanent bruises on her hands from me holding them so tightly during takeoff. Both of these have eased up a bit for me, but I still have bouts of vertigo when I’m up too high.

any thoughts for a nursery theme already?

We like the idea of fish or rainforest or jungle–something like that. We also like the idea of bright bold colors (no pink or pale blue).

what’s your favorite mixed drink?

If I’m having a mixed drink, and I usually don’t, it’s a vodka tonic or a flavored vodka with club soda. Normally I drink wine or whiskey. And I don’t like to mix anything with either of those. J loves drinking Jack Daniels and Coke (with lots of cherries).

cow milk, soy milk, or rice milk??

I drink all of the above, depending on my mood and what the purpose of the milk is. I like cow milk with my cereal and with cookies, but I often prefer soy with hot drinks (especially with chai). I will drink all three straight up because I like all three. J will only drink cow milk.

From Olive:

What are your favorite hobbies or things to do in your free time?

I love taking photos. I prefer film, and when using film, I prefer black and white. We both love to hike, taste wine, cook. I bake from time to time. We’re also crafty. I crochet (not well). We both make infused olive oils, cordials, and candles. We’re avid readers but don’t read nearly enough for pleasure when teaching (we’re reading too many bad student essays). More than anything, we love spending time together, whether it’s going camping, walking at the beach, cooking a meal, going to UU, or lounging around the house watching movies.

There were a couple of questions about how we met and our first impressions of one another. I think I will milk those for another post, but gypsygrrl did ask the following in addition to these two questions:

What is an everyday kindness you do for each other and why does it mean so much?

J often urges me to take a nap when I’m exhausted but refusing to sleep. She will cover me up with a blanket, get me a cat, and turn on soft music. Because of her I rely heavily on my naps. She also makes me tea. She doesn’t ever drink tea, but she always has made it for me because she likes the ritual of it and she likes that I like it. Honestly, I could go on and on here. She is a wonderful and thoughtful wife.

Okay, that’s enough of me for today! If you have more questions, feel free to post them. I need to compile enough of these to publish my juicy tell-all and make my millions (ha).


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ask me, ask me, ask me*

It’s mid-Nablopomo, and I’ve not got a thing to say, so I’m taking a page from Ms. Specific Distiny’s book and putting out the questions box. What do you want to know about me, J, or our TTC process? What questions do you have? If you have been lurking (and I know you’re out there–I see you), what have you wondered? I double dog dare you to ask a question! But questions are not limited to lurkers. Oh no. For those who have been following along for all of these months, what do you want to know? What have you often wondered? This is your chance to take part in my tell-all (or tell-some, as this is likely to turn out).

I’m planning to create a FAQ page, and these questions along with our responses will be featured on that page. So go ahead, ask me (or J) a question. We promise to answer so long as it doesn’t jeopardize our semi-anonymity.

*Brownie points to anyone who can identify the song/group this title comes from.


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Question Meme

I realized today that I’ve never done any sort of meme over here, and this month is about doing things I haven’t done before, so I stole this from Jude.

Because we never really know each other as well as we think, in response to this post I’d like you to ask a question. Anything about which you are curious, anything you feel you ought to know about me. Silly, serious, personal, fannish. Ask away. Then copy this to your own journal, and see what people don’t know about you.

And because I also missed delurking day, this is the chance for any lurkers out there to show their faces. I promise to be nice. Really.


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