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Remember me?


Allow me to introduce myself. I am T. I used to blog here regularly. There was even a month when I blogged every day. Then the student papers swallowed me, and I disappeared.

But I’m back. You see, the student papers have been returned to the hands of their rightful owners, and I am free. Free I tell you. All that is left for me to do is to calculate and submit grades, offer J plenty of moral support and caffeine as she finishes her grading, find my house under the grading rubble, and collapse.

And even though I am writing all of this, it hasn’t yet hit me. The realization that I dont’ have to get up at 5am on Wednesday has, but the rest of it? Nope. That will hit in mid-January, right around the time when the English department chair will call asking if I can pick up a last-minute class–a class I have never taught–a class that begins at 7am and that requires me to once again rise at 5am. Yes, that’s when it will hit.

Our sperm arrived today. I think we’re going to call it Pops, as in an abbreviation for popsicle. I don’t think I even remember ordering the stuff. My feeble final’s week memory aside, we will use it later in the week. I even peed on a stick tonight, although, I was so tired I admittedly forgot to use the test at first and nearly wasted prime four-hour urine. Never fear; I woke up enough to salvage a few drops.

How did we get here again?


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