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the poll is open

This week is insane. J and I are buried under eight-hour essay scoring marathons each day and have been since Thursday. While we both appreciate the work, the weather has been calling us outside. With temperatures in the upper eighties and low nineties, we have been longing for relaxing dips in the pool. Fortunately, being so busy is making time pass quickly, which is good because this is a big week.

This Thursday we have our anatomy scan. I’ve hit the point where people in my daily life are guessing what we’re having, and it’s fascinating–and sometimes amusing–to hear people’s reasoning. I’m prepared for either sex; I honestly don’t think I’ll be surprised either way, but J will be a bit shocked if we’re having a boy. She has been convinced for the past three years that we would have a girl first.

I honestly thought I would have some sort of feeling one way or the other, but I don’t. So let’s see what all of you have to say. We’ll have our answer by Thursday afternoon!


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