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a room of his own

…well, not until we move into a place with office space, but the boy does officially have a room in our apartment.

We have been building on this space for awhile, but we never had any sort of concrete plan in place other than the layout. Whenever we have themes for rooms, they tend to be fairly eclectic, and Egghead’s room is no exception. We did know that we wanted plenty of color, plenty of animals, real art, and a space that both moms and baby could enjoy. Without further ado, allow me to take you on a tour.

Outside of the door, we have posted what is to be Egghead’s initial.  Come on in!


Just to the left of the door is where his changing table will be. Egghead’s grandpa is building a custom changing table to fit our needs and to fit our space. We designed it so that these little drawer units will fit underneath, and once we’re finished using it as a changing table, it will simply be a nice table with storage for the boy’s room. For now, imagine it there to the left of the crib.


The crib seems to be one that nearly everyone has, but we love that it converts to so many different beds. Two of our dearest friends got this for us at our last shower. Attached to it, you can see frogs with magnetic hands, and draped over it is the blanket I made (note: all hazardous items will be removed before a baby is placed within the crib). The photo above it is of a little boy standing in the water. A friend of ours purchased this for us after we saw it in a gallery a few years ago and loved it. Now we know precisely where it was meant to go all this time. Now to zoom out a bit:


We have a lot of things hanging from the ceiling in this room. The blue dot chandelier is something J and I bought on a trip up the Oregon coast several years ago, and we had no idea what it was for. We only knew that we needed it. Once again, now we know. The other hangy item displayed here is the beautiful bird mobile that Olive made for us. Note the extra storage space we found under the crib. Hooray for storage space!


Covered in some of his new blankets and his stuffed animal collection is another piece of furniture that Egghead’s grandpa made. It’s a cedar chest that he made for me when I was about sixteen. Now it holds the baby’s blankets, bedding, and even some toddler clothes.


Of course, with two English teachers for moms, our boy is going to have a great library. So far, it’s still small, but there are some gems here.

The last item on the tour of Egghead’s room is his half of a closet. He’s even got some cute little clothes hanging in it and a fabulous new stroller he plans to go for walks in just as soon as his moms are up to it:


That, so far, is his space. While he’s still very small, however, Egghead will sleep in our room in a moses basket.


He won’t remain at the end of the bed, but that’s where the basket rests for now. We’ll move him to my side of the bed once he’s here.

It’s amazing to have spaces chiseled out for this baby who is about to enter our lives. We both love to just sit in the nursery and soak it in. It feels so different–more peaceful–with baby things everywhere. Of course, it’s still an office too. The remnants of that can be seen here:


(Note the diplomas–as if this child will care a speck about his moms’ advanced degrees when he wants to be fed or changed.)

And here:


But as you can see, even these items are flanked in baby gear–and we rather like it that way. Now all we need is a sweet little boy to make it complete. Just a little under eight weeks until his due date. We really are that close now.


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31 weeks

I can’t believe that we’re really in the last ten weeks (or so) of this pregnancy. Where on earth has the time gone? What happened to the days of J and I staring at pictures of little embryos that looked more like seahorses than humans? I’m in quite a bit of shock.

The last couple of weeks have begun to show me my physical limitations, and I’m feeling a little whiny. I apologize ahead of time.

 Yesterday, working to take a desk apart and straining a bit too much to loosen screws resulted in a day of more braxton hicks contractions than I would like to have. It didn’t help that Egghead was also particularly curious and active. My belly was already so tight most of the day, and he would stick his head or a knee or his butt out–so uncomfortable. It was admittedly a little amusing to see my belly change shape so much, but I was utterly exhausted by the end of the day. A bath finally relaxed my abdominal muscles, but it was a little frightening to be thrown into such a state of exhaustion by a task that normally I would think nothing of.

Walking, too, has become more of a chore. I have had bad hips for a long time, but pregnancy has shown me a new degree of hip pain, and when I walk for long periods of time, they kill me. When I sleep in a bed that is not my own, they are even worse. On top of it all, I’ve now got this lovely pubic bone pain, and I feel about eighty-years-old half the time. Yes, I’m starting to be a mess.

Unfortunately, my exhaustion takes its toll on both of us. I’m a lot less pleasant to my wife, and she has to pick up a lot more slack around the house (The woman deserves a weekend at some fabulous beach resort where she’ll be pampered day and night. If only I could give that to her.) By 10:00 most nights, we’re in bed, reading one or two pages before we both pass out. I knew I’d get here eventually, but I’m now sad to say, I miss my pre-pregnancy body–or at least the body that wasn’t in pain 75% of the day. I’m definitely beginning to feel the third trimester, and it scares me that on some days, it’s already kicking my ass.

Luckily, we do have the pool, and I take advantage of the weightlessness of that space as often as I can. It’s wonderful to step into that water and to feel like I can move normally again. I swim a few laps and generally try to keep moving for a good amount of time, and it’s dreamy. Of course, as soon as I get out, I’m gravity’s victim once again, but it’s lovely while it lasts.

We have a few big events coming up soon. Next week, I’ll be officiating the wedding of some dear friends. Originally, we were to stay at their house one night and at a hotel another, but I think we’ve decided on the hotel for both nights. This means I’ll get to sleep when I need to, take as many middle-of-the-night bathroom trips as I need (I think six is my record thus far), and just generally feel a little more comfortable. Two weeks after that is our last trip of the pregnancy. We’re going to my mom’s for a shower she and my sister are throwing. We’ll be there for a couple of nights and then back home to our comfy bed and easy-to-access restroom.

Tomorrow is also a big day. My mom and step-dad are coming to help us convert our office/guest room into our office/nursery (hence the need to take apart the desk–so that we can move it). They will help us assemble the crib, move furniture, and generally keep me from harming myself. We’re beyond excited to finally get to do this. And, yes, pictures will follow.

And so I leave you with a long overdue belly shot. Here I am at 31 weeks. J says my belly does not look as big as it does in person, but I think you can get the idea.



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a little bit crunchy

Thank you all so much for your encouragement and stories related to the fibroids. I’m feeling so much better about this, and I know we’re going to be fine no matter the outcome. Your comments really helped me get to this more positive space.

We have just returned from a whirlwind trip to visit family. We gained lots of belly love and some gifts for Egghead (including a fabulous swing/infant seat combo), and I lost my glasses. Grrr.

We’re now eager to settle into some routine again. After having family visiting for nearly a week and then spending another four days with some of the same family members, we are ready for some normalcy. We have projects galore to immerse ourselves in, most of which relate to preparing for baby.

While visiting my mom, we got a ton of flannel (most of it passed down from my great-grandmother–my grandmother tends to stockpile fabric) to create cloth baby wipes, and we have already cut them up, so all that is left to do is spend countless hours at my temperamental sewing machine to zigzag the edges. It will be so worth it, though, to have these soft reusable wipes. I have found a few good recipes for a gentle cleaning solution to use with them, and I’m excited to make these too.

Our trip also brought us to our very first Babies.R.Us. It was overwhelming and even a bit disappointing. We’re planning to cloth diaper, and we were hoping to at least get some covers to help build up our supplies. Unfortunately, BRU had little more than those old, obnoxious plastic/vinyl pants, and it took asking a clerk and carefully combing the infant care section to find even these. Why these along with their one variety of cloth diapers were not placed in the huge “diapering” section, we do not know. Well, actually, my guess is a partnership with Hug.gies and P.ampers is likely the culprit. Needless to say, we came away with no diapering supplies (we’ll be buying them online).

We did find a few items to satisfy our crunchy, granola girl sides: a natural rubber pacifier, some glass bottles, and some organic, unbleached cotton nursery items (changing pad, covers, mattress cover, etc.). These things we are quite pleased about.

J and I have this funny need to rebel against all the typical plastic baby crap. We know we’ll get plenty of it, and we know we’ll likely use it gratefully, but we also want to honor how babies were raised once upon a time when one didn’t need to take a huge bag of baby trash to the dumpster every day or when one didn’t “need” to buy, buy, buy in order to raise a happy, healthy child. We see too many of our real-life friends falling into this baby crap trap where their lives are overflowing with one poorly-made plastic baby item after another, and we’re hoping to learn from this. So far, this has meant sending some clear messages to some shopaholic family members, but it seems to be working. I’m by no means a fundamentalist about this stuff, but I am not embarrassed to say that I’m insanely nostalgic for a simpler more sustainable time. And how great will it be for our boy to have a little taste of yesteryear in his upbringing?

ETA: Holy crap! My ticker reads six months. How is that possible? Belly shots to come tomorrow.


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