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mystery adventures and hats

Tomorrow, we’re going to BG’s music class and then on a bit of a mystery adventure that I cannot discuss here yet. Suffice it to say, it involves our future, and if I write about it here, I will surely jinx us. I don’t really believe in jinxes, but just in case they do exist, I’m going to be cryptic about this until it’s real.

So, for this mystery adventure tomorrow, please send us the best of your positive thoughts. We need some positivity. I promise to share the details if it all pans out (or even if it doesn’t).


For those more interested in cute BG stories, our son has recently taken to wearing a hat. He has this cute little Life is Good baseball cap, and before a couple of weeks ago, when we would put it on his head, he would promptly remove it. Then BG learned the word “hat,” and suddenly hats became a little more interesting.

Then we went to visit BG’s grandparents, and he spent time walking around outside with his Grandpa, both of them wearing hats. Grandpa seems to have made quite an impression on BG because now he wants to wear his hat all the time, especially when he goes outside. Oh, it’s cute, and as hat people, J and I are delighted that our boy will finally wear hats without ripping them off.


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