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game on

I started spotting tonight.

Just after I noticed the spotting, I happened to check my email and heard from the cryobank. Our fear had been that we would have to pay a dewar deposit, which would have been bad news. Very bad news. We would have been out this cycle.

The news from the email: no deposit required.

We will order sperm on Friday. We will inseminate in approximately two weeks.

Reproducing Genius Phase II has officially begun, and tears are streaming down my face. Holy shit! This break is officially over!


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Ramblings from Rev. T

J and I finally get to go camping this weekend. Our dear friends who recently came to visit us have agreed to meet up with us for a weekend camping trip in celebration of J’s upcoming birthday. We’re thrilled to have this opportunity to get out into the forest, stare at the river, and do nothing. To top it off, we get to go to our redwoods.

I know I’ve said this before, but the redwoods are what we have missed most since our move. There is something so enchanting about them, so mystical, so home. Now we get to sleep under them, hike amongst them, and generally enjoy being in their presence for a whole weekend. It will be lovely.

On another note entirely, another of our dearest friends called last night to ask if J would do a special reading at her wedding next year. J then put me on the phone, saying, “You’ll┬álike this.” My friend then asked if I would officiate their wedding. Few people know that I’m an ordained minister, but I am. I’ve never done anything with it, but minister credentials are a good thing to have in one’s back pocket–just in case, you know. One never knows when one might need to perform an emergency wedding or baptize a child, or get out of military service, right?

Anyway, our dear friend has given me some time to think about this, but I will very likely say yes. The wonderful thing about this is that the man she is marrying is someone J and I knew she would marry before they were ever together. She was coming out of a ten-year relationship and so was he around the same time. They were drawn to each other, got each other through the pain of their break-ups, and eventually became a couple. They’re perfect together. I have known her since I was an undergrad and him since I was a grad student. We have all been colleagues and friends for years, so it’s a great honor to be asked to marry them. After writing all of this, I’m wondering how I could ever say no! Their wedding is next July. If our late-October insemination takes, I could be very, very pregnant by then. The thought of this tickled her. If it does happen in October, I’ll suggest they find a backup person of the cloth.

In yet more news, my brother is asking his girlfriend to marry him today. We love his girlfriend and can’t wait for her to join the family. They will be getting married in February. I hope I’m pregnant by that wedding too.

And finally, in another piece of unrelated rambling, I visited my new school yesterday and my new department office. I met the department secretary (arguably the most important person in every academic department) as well as the department chair. Both were lovely and sweet and welcoming. Imagine my surprise when they said, “You know, we’ve seen you before!” I looked at them inquisitively, and they continued: “You were on the front page of the paper!” (If you’ve been reading along, you’ll know that J and I were on the front page of the major newspaper here when we were married last month.) I imagine my face went scarlet as the secretary said, “Yes, we’ve got it right here! We were all so excited when we say you’re name. I said to everyone in the department, ‘She’s one of ours!'” When she couldn’t find the paper, she remembered that she had placed it in my file. If you were wondering, this is the photo that appeared in the paper:

My colleagues typically find out that I’m gay gradually (not that it’s any sort of an issue in California colleges). There is nothing gradual about this, and based on their enthusiasm, that’s fine by me!


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omg! omg!

This very deserving woman has had some very good news. Congratulations, Cali!

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