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Ramblings from Rev. T

J and I finally get to go camping this weekend. Our dear friends who recently came to visit us have agreed to meet up with us for a weekend camping trip in celebration of J’s upcoming birthday. We’re thrilled to have this opportunity to get out into the forest, stare at the river, and do nothing. To top it off, we get to go to our redwoods.

I know I’ve said this before, but the redwoods are what we have missed most since our move. There is something so enchanting about them, so mystical, so home. Now we get to sleep under them, hike amongst them, and generally enjoy being in their presence for a whole weekend. It will be lovely.

On another note entirely, another of our dearest friends called last night to ask if J would do a special reading at her wedding next year. J then put me on the phone, saying, “You’ll like this.” My friend then asked if I would officiate their wedding. Few people know that I’m an ordained minister, but I am. I’ve never done anything with it, but minister credentials are a good thing to have in one’s back pocket–just in case, you know. One never knows when one might need to perform an emergency wedding or baptize a child, or get out of military service, right?

Anyway, our dear friend has given me some time to think about this, but I will very likely say yes. The wonderful thing about this is that the man she is marrying is someone J and I knew she would marry before they were ever together. She was coming out of a ten-year relationship and so was he around the same time. They were drawn to each other, got each other through the pain of their break-ups, and eventually became a couple. They’re perfect together. I have known her since I was an undergrad and him since I was a grad student. We have all been colleagues and friends for years, so it’s a great honor to be asked to marry them. After writing all of this, I’m wondering how I could ever say no! Their wedding is next July. If our late-October insemination takes, I could be very, very pregnant by then. The thought of this tickled her. If it does happen in October, I’ll suggest they find a backup person of the cloth.

In yet more news, my brother is asking his girlfriend to marry him today. We love his girlfriend and can’t wait for her to join the family. They will be getting married in February. I hope I’m pregnant by that wedding too.

And finally, in another piece of unrelated rambling, I visited my new school yesterday and my new department office. I met the department secretary (arguably the most important person in every academic department) as well as the department chair. Both were lovely and sweet and welcoming. Imagine my surprise when they said, “You know, we’ve seen you before!” I looked at them inquisitively, and they continued: “You were on the front page of the paper!” (If you’ve been reading along, you’ll know that J and I were on the front page of the major newspaper here when we were married last month.) I imagine my face went scarlet as the secretary said, “Yes, we’ve got it right here! We were all so excited when we say you’re name. I said to everyone in the department, ‘She’s one of ours!'” When she couldn’t find the paper, she remembered that she had placed it in my file. If you were wondering, this is the photo that appeared in the paper:

My colleagues typically find out that I’m gay gradually (not that it’s any sort of an issue in California colleges). There is nothing gradual about this, and based on their enthusiasm, that’s fine by me!


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our beloved pacific


J and I drove an hour and a half to get to the beach today, and it was well worth it. We used to live less than five minutes from the beach. We would see the surf every day. We could hear the waves pounding the shore at night during the winter. It was part of our everyday existence, and it’s hard to be so far from it now. 


Today started off a little cranky. We’re dealing with cat issues (post to come), and we were both a little in the dumps, so we needed to get out. It turned out to be a lovely day. Here, it was in the nineties and unbearably hot, but on the coast, it was in the upper sixties with a light wind and plenty of sun.

Families were out flying kites and having picnics. Kids were burying each other in the sand and getting wet in the freezing ocean. It was beautiful.

We walked along the beach for awhile examining the bullwhip kelp that was washed up. I believe this one speaks for itself: 

 We also simply sat on a giant piece of driftwood and stared at the surf. We were windblown and sun-kissed by the time we left, and our spirits were lifted tenfold. The beach and the forest are two places that are guaranteed to calm me and lift me out of even the worst funks. As you can see, I was downright breezy by the time we left: 

Next year we are hoping to move about thirty miles west of our current town, and one of the reasons is so that we will be closer to the ocean. We won’t live nearly as close as we once did in our old hometown, but it will be less than half an hour away, which will be blissful on those days when our moods seem irreparable and all we need is some salty air and the rhythm of the surf. For now, it’s a lovely treat when we get to go. I had forgotten how much I missed it.


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meet me at the fair

Everyone who responded yesterday with a caption is a winner. Those were hilarious. We both got many laughs from them, and henceforth, Pierre’s new nickname is “Peeping Tomcat.” That’s so him. I will post about our girl cat sagas later.

J and I went to the county fair yesterday. It was a proper fair with rides and fair food and exhibits and livestock and all.

We had gone to our tiny county fair a couple of years ago where we used to live, but it was so very small and so not festive. This fair was what both of us remembered from childhood–and yet different. For one, neither of us is really into riding the death traps that the tweaker carnies run. We did, however, enjoy walking through the throngs of kids as they waited in line to have their adrenaline fixes.


What we really noticed is that the fair is pretty low-key when you’re an adult. We liked the flower and garden exhibits a lot and spent nearly an hour staring at the various model gardens.


We also enjoyed the art–especially the photography. I don’t want to be mean, but I’m not sure in the age of digital photography when everyone is a photographer that there should be a category for children in the photo contests. You wouldn’t believe the number of truly awful photos people entered because they thought their kids were cute when they were picking their noses or fishing. I hate to be snarky like that; I suppose that’s the beauty of the art contests at the county fair: anyone can enter.

We did spend some time in the big exhibit hall where people try to sell you time shares and makeup and moisturizer and hot tubs. I had mineral makeup put on my face (which I liked, but didn’t buy); we dipped our hands in hot tubs and played with the jets and lights; we picked up Obama stickers at the Dem booth; we exfoliated our hands with sea salt scrub and then over-moisturized them with about four different types of lotion and body butter; some young men tried to sell as an expensive hospital bed-type frame for our nontemperpedic mattress; we signed up to “win” a visit to a time share in Hawaii; we sampled really disgusting “salsa” made from dehydrated veggies and spices and a can of tomatoes (and promptly spit it out); we avoided cleaning product demonstrations; we laughed, a lot.

One thing both of us had hoped to enjoy was some semi-good music. We heard a small jazz ensemble playing, and they were fun, so we sat down near them, and they stopped to join a parade that was starting.

At the head of the “parade” were the Bud.weiser Clydes.dales.

Then came the jazz group, and then about three wagons with kids in them, and finally a group of patriotic adults carrying flags.


The parade was over in less than one minute. It was ridiculous and so very funny.

After the parade, we opted for beer, so we each bought a $7 pint of local beer–beer which they were calling “imported” because it wasn’t a macrobrew and they wanted to charge more (we buy the same beer for $7 per six pack–what is that?).

We indulged at some point in fair food which made us both sick, and we attempted to listen to music later as well, but at the main stage was a Christian rock band and all their freaky fans, and we simply had to go. Somehow, two lesbians did not fit in there. At all. We did walk through two barns to look at animals. We stumbled upon an auction for goats, and we again did not fit in. We still liked it, and J got to pet cows for the first time.

Later, we wandered through the midway and past all of the games. We did not spend five dollars to throw baseballs or darts. We did not win any large stuffed animals or beer mirrors.

I have to say that the fair is best for kids or those with kids. We definitely felt we were missing something there, and we all know what that was. Nevertheless, it was fun; at least we weren’t sitting at home watching television.

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