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40 weeks 2 days

Last Friday marked 40 weeks of this pregnancy, a day I was surprised to see, even this far in. I’ve been uncomfortable, feeling huge and tired, but so very grateful to be pregnant with a healthy baby. I chronicled Week 40 with some belly shots.

The Wednesday night prior I was awake much of the night with contractions, which ended up going away in the morning, so the end of last week was fairly frustrating. I tried everything to get labor going on my own, but ultimately, I was feeling pretty stuck. I had finally gotten myself emotionally ready for the pregnancy to be over, for this baby to arrive, and now this.

J and I spent the next few days walking and belly dancing and cooking and waiting, waiting, waiting feeling less and less patient.

And then Sunday arrived.

And then, Sunday evening, at 40 weeks and 2 days after a very intense 4-hour labor, Girl Genius made her debut. We are so very in love with this little girl who resembles her brother in so many ways and in every way is her own little person. I’ll write the full birth story very soon, as it was epic (and did I mention short?), but for now, I wanted to share with you our daughter.

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