guess where i’ll be this week?

So I don’t think I mentioned here on my original home blog that I was nominated as a BlogHer Voice of the Year for a post on my other blog. But I was, and it was a huge honor to me, and I can’t believe so many people read my words and were touched by them. Because BlogHer is practically down the street from me this year (okay, a couple of hours away, but you get the idea), I thought I would go and meet some fellow BlogHers. In the process of all of that, some of you might have noticed that WordPress front paged me. And then they asked me to speak on a panel at their booth.

What it all boils down to is this: I’m going to BlogHer. I’m hanging with WordPress, and if you’re going to be there, I’d love to meet you too. I’ll be talking at the WordPress booth on Saturday at 3:30 in the “Talking Shop with BlogHer Voices of the Year.” Their schedule is here: BlogHer 2014 Announcements. And if you’re interested in seeing the post that was nominated from the other blog, it’s here.



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3 responses to “guess where i’ll be this week?

  1. Congratulations!!!! Well deserved. I love the way you write. So raw and beautiful.

  2. I agree. Well deserved. I hope it is a wonderful experience. Good to be hearing (well, reading for me, hearing for them) your voice again. It’s a welcome one.

  3. Helen

    Your writing is real, visceral, beautiful-well deserved acknowledgement! Enjoy!

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