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I feel like I just hung up the phone without mentioning the most important thing which is that we learned last week some really important news from one of BG’s doctors. You see, the mutation that  led to his leukemia was one that is not typically a germline mutation, meaning that it isn’t necessarily a hereditary mutation. Still, there was some question about whether this was a mutation he was born with or whether it was something that happened later. Being born with it could indicate that there was something that passed to him from either me or the donor.

Well, modern science is pretty amazing and somehow they were able to test blood of his (within the bone marrow, I do believe) that is essentially the same blood that he has had since birth, since he was created, and last week, when a couple of his doctors came to visit, his research doc told us that our boy was most definitely not born with this mutation. It happened later. Sure it’s unnerving that we don’t know when or where or why, but the takeaway is this: it wasn’t me, and it wasn’t the donor, and it was just some horrible fluke.

Such a weight lifted when he shared this with us because as we talked about whether or not to use the same donor this time, it certainly occurred to me that I could have the offending DNA, that it was somehow my genetics that caused him to get sick. But no. No. It’s just the way his life played out. I’m still not happy about that, nor will I ever be, but I can rest a little easier that maybe our next child will, in fact, grow up one day (after an extraordinarily easy and quick conception and gestation and birth and babyhood, right?).




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8 responses to “and another thing

  1. Amazing that they were able to determine that. I can sense your relief – I would feel the same!

  2. Elizabeth

    If any family deserved consoling news it would be yours. I hope you can move forward even more comfortably now. Good luck.

  3. tbean

    I am relieved for you as well. To have science be able to give you this little tiny bit of an answer and ease some fears.

  4. That is just a relief, T. I’m so happy and amazed that they were able to determine this information. I’ve been terribly behind on my blog reading/writing but please know that even when I’m not commenting, I am always thinking of you and your family.

  5. Wow that is a relief. Now you can confidently use the same donor and that is a beautiful thing.

  6. Helen

    Wishing you all the best on your TTC # 2 journey…this news will hopefully help you move foward with more ease and comfort. Praying for a quick, easy and successful journey! You two deserve it so much!

  7. Next in line

    How great to feel that relief and confirmation especially right now as you are planning out ttc again.

  8. I cannot imagine the relief you must feel having received this news. I think of you all very often. I’ve been a reader for a very long time since before BG was born, but I really suck at commenting. I’m resolving to be better about that moving forward. Especially as you begin the process of TTC again. I have a whole new appreciation for how difficult ttc is (I’ve been trying for about a year) and can’t imagine the added stress of the worry about whether or not your DNA could have been a contributing factor. I’m glad you’ll be able to move forward with at least that particular bit of weight off of your shoulders. Best of luck to you both and crossing my fingers that you get your BFP easily.

    If you feel comfortable with sharing it, I would love the password, but understand if you don’t.

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