temporary shelter

So I’m thinking about starting a new blog for this journey through cancer with our son. I’m not discontinuing this blog. This blog is like home to me. I’ve been writing journal entries over at Caring Bridge, but I feel like that place is for novices, and they have managed to swindle a few well-intentioned loved ones into donating to their cause when they thought they were donating to our family. Grrr. In short, it’s not a great place to be, and it’s not a place I want to continue writing for the long-ish term.

Instead, I need something like this family guest house where I’m staying tonight. It’s a place where one can feel a little more at home than the hospital, do laundry, prepare food, sleep in a real bed, etc. It’s comfortable enough, but it’s not home. That’s how I see this new blog. Most importantly, it’s a place I’ll likely leave once my child is cured.

I’ll probably occasionally cross-post, and then there will be times that I just need this place–my blog home–to let my hair down, take off my bra, and really talk without thinking about whether or not my aunt or mom or kindergarten teacher is reading. I’ll let you know when the blog is up. I’m undertaking the arduous task of attempting some graphic design for my new header. I’m failing miserably so far.

I’ll let you all know when it’s up. I hope it’s just a year of writing that I can then parlay into a book or something worthwhile. We shall see.



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3 responses to “temporary shelter

  1. Linnette

    I’ve been reading you since before BG was conceived, but I rarely, rarely comment. I’m rooting for your boy and your family to pull through this and be happy, healthy, and whole once again.

    I’m a graphic designer by trade, I’d love to help you with your header if you’re interested. Feel free to shoot me an email.

  2. I think that is a really good idea.

  3. Super idea. You need an easy way to stay connected. Too bad the other site didn’t work out.

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