what fresh hell is this?

I hate to use my favorite Dorothy Parker quote on these matters, but I imagine she’d approve.

We’re back in the hospital. We’re going to be here for three weeks at least. Our boy’s doctor, the leading national (some say international) expert on his type of leukemia, has said that she’s not happy with how his blood counts are moving with his current home dose of chemo, so we’re switching to a heavier hitter, and we’re doing it in the hospital via IV. I learned this at an appointment that was to be a platelet transfusion. Instead, we were admitted. I had nothing with me except for some water, an energy bar, and a couple of diapers. My sweet sister drove two hours to my house to pick clothes and things up and then back another hour.

Why didn’t my wife do this, you might ask. Oh, well she is sick. Yes, she’s got a nasty cold. One cannot be on this wing of the hospital with any cold symptoms, so she’s banned until she’s better. Meanwhile–oh the irony–our son is here on his first day of Mama’s cold. I don’t know what happens if I catch it too. I’m throwing every anti-cold remedy at this that I can. I suppose one of those should be sleep. I’m feeling terrible for my poor wife though. She’s already vulnerable, but to have this on top of it is a lot to endure. We miss each other like crazy.

I can’t help but sit here and stare at my brave boy though. He has been amazing the staff by holding perfectly still for IVs and blood draws. He helps take his own vitals. He makes them laugh with his crazy big vocabulary (and he makes me giggle when he corrects people who ask him if he’s “doing good.” He’ll always say, “I’m doing well.”).  Our Boy Genius is proving to be a smart little cookie, and they just love him here. There’s some comfort in that, in knowing that the people who are caring for my son are falling in love with him. There’s a whole lot to love.

So yes, I’d rather be home, rather be with my wife, rather be anywhere but here; however, here is not that bad. It’s full of brilliant doctors and nurses, kinder than kind practitioners who are caring for us as a family, people who want to heal our son just as much as we want him to be healed. It’s not home, but it’s a pretty good alternative for someone who’s as sick as our boy is. I’ll take it for now.



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9 responses to “what fresh hell is this?

  1. damn. i’m sorry to hear you guys are admitted again. Hoping you don’t get sick and amazed at BG’s smarts (I correct people who say “good’ instead of “well” too, BG!)

  2. So sorry you’re back in the hospital, but you have a great attitude about it and it sounds like the staff is wonderful. I hope it won’t be long until your whole family can be together again.

  3. I’m glad that at the Very Least, you are in such a fantastic hospital. Everything else…sigh. big hugs.

  4. tbean

    So sorry you are facing such a LONG stay. That will be quite an endurance feat for you all. Sending hugs.

  5. Ainsley

    I’m sorry you’re back in…and without J. I’m not surprised at all how BG is wowing them with his smarts. What a tough, brave guy. Sending love.

  6. How amazing is BG?!?!? I am super impressed. What a great son you have. I’m glad the staff is supportive and helpful. Sending love, grace and all the best well wishes in the world your way.

  7. Lex

    I’m sorry you’re back in. Sounds like the hospital staff are angels and I trust they will be a huge part of your son’s – and your family’s – healing process. My thoughts are with you.

  8. So sorry to hear this. We are all out here sending your family good vibes, and hopefully that energy will help BG heal fast!

  9. wow you all deserve a break! so sorry to hear. Hope the wife is able to be there with you all soon. your boy is a fighter – i have no doubt he will weather this and any other storm!

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