three years ago

Three years ago tonight, I was holding my brand new baby boy in my arms, getting used to his new baby ways, admiring every inch of him, marveling at how I already knew him. We worked so hard to bring our boy here, so to have him in my arms finally was the most precious of experiences.

Yesterday, we went into the city for a blood draw and then a platelet transfusion. We were in the hospital for about eight hours, saw our favorite nurses and doctors, and drove home late at night to administer chemo and put our boy to bed. We were so afraid he wouldn’t be able to wake up in his own bed on his birthday, but it was even better. He woke up, and we got to take him to his favorite place in the world, a place called The Exploratorium in San Francisco. Finally we were crossing into the city for fun. It was hard for him to hold up today, but he managed, and he got to play and explore and feel a little bit like a normal kid. That sort of experience is invaluable right now.

I’ll leave you with a few photos and a big happy birthday to my sweet Boy Genius:

Mastering the slinky treadmill.












What we call “exploratorium face”–awe, wonder, and pure joy.

His very own levatation machine (and a balloon hat to boot).



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4 responses to “three years ago

  1. Happy Birthday BG 🙂 Looks like he had a lot of fun!

  2. Happy bday BG! The Exploratorium is awesome… miss that place!

  3. Happy Birthday, sweet boy. What a fun day!

  4. nutella

    Happy Birthday, BG! Looks like a super fun day!

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