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This is Olive again.  Thank you to everyone who emailed me already.  If I haven’t replied yet, I will soon.

I talked with one of RG’s family members today and we now have a PayPal link.  Right now monetary donations are most helpful since BG and his moms will be at the hospital.  So please join me in helping this family as they navigate a new world.  If you can afford to give even a few dollars, I know it will be greatly appreciated and would go towards helping the family stay afloat.

Click here to donate.

If you need an address to send a package or you live nearby the family and want to drop off food, please email me (insertmetaphor at gmail dot com) and I can provide that information and help coordinate.

Please keep sending your love, good thoughts and notes.



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4 responses to “PayPal Link

  1. poppycat

    Reblogged this on eeney meeney miney mommy and commented:
    I doubt there are EMMM followers out there that are not already aware of this but just in case, I wanted to repost this link. The beautiful son of a fellow blogger was just diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia and will need a bone marrow transplant as well as endless other medical care. This family desperately needs any help they can get and donations to help them cover medical and living costs are crucial to their success in fighting this battle. Please donate $5, $20, $100 – whatever you can give.

  2. poppycat

    Sorry all, I didn’t mean to post that here. My apologies.

  3. Ainsley

    Thanks for doing this, Olive.

  4. Here from LFCA. I am so incredibly sorry that your son and family are facing this disease. I simply can not imagine something so devastating. You all will be in my daily thoughts. Best wishes for strength and healing.

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