Offers For Help

Hi Everyone, This is Olive from insertmetaphor.  I am helping the RG family coordinate all the very generous offers for support they are receiving.  The mamas need to focus their energy on BG so please send all offers for help to me at insertmetaphor at gmail dot com and I will help us concentrate the efforts.  Please keep sending them messages of love and support though!

We are going to get a paypal link up on this site very soon and donations are probably the best way we can support this family right now.  However, all help is welcome.  I will provide more information soon.



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3 responses to “Offers For Help

  1. C Storm

    great. please. if all I can do is send money, please help me do that. I’m heartsick. I’m so, so sorry this has happened. thinking best of thoughts to all.

  2. J

    Thank you for coordinating this. While waiting for the paypal link, I created a little fundraiser for my friends and family to help. Feel free to share:

  3. poppycat

    Thank you for taking care of this Olive – your gift of time and energy is appreciated by all.

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