our first first day of school

Today, our boy had his first day flying solo at preschool. My wife has been visiting our lovely little Montessori with him for over a month, and he has very quickly fallen in love with the school and his teacher. Today, when J dropped him off, he did not cry. He gave her a hug and a kiss, watched her leave from the window, and then got to work. He came home positively beaming with pride because he knows he can do it now. He knows this is a great new step. Tomorrow, I drop him off. I can’t help but think it won’t go nearly as well, but I have hopes that it will, that he’ll see it’s going to be great. I am under no illusions that he won’t ever cry, but I do think we’re turning a corner with our boy of the persistent separation anxiety.










But seriously, how do I have a kid in preschool?




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3 responses to “our first first day of school

  1. Yay school!! What a big day for all of you. I know it’s going to be great for everyone.

  2. Great news! I love Montessori schools and think they can be excellent environments for the highly sensitive kid. I’ll bet he is loving it even as he is overcoming the newness. You’ll be great tomorrow – even if there are tears, giving him safe opportunities to grow in this way is an incredible service to him.

  3. Yay school! And yay Montessori! We’ve had Roozle in Montessori since she was 15 months and it’s a perfect fit for her. I hope the same for Boy Genius!

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