car wash is coming!

“Car wash is coming today!”

For the past week, this is the first sentence our son has uttered each day. Apparently, he has a new friend–an imaginary one–and that friend’s name is Car Wash. He is, in fact, a car wash, but he is also a boy with blonde hair and blue eyes, a man who is bigger than our house, some sort of albino robot with white hair and white eyes, but most of all, he is a friend–a good friend if you ask our son.

Car Wash is always on his way, and he is mighty powerful. He has assisted us in countless clothing, food, and bath struggles. All we need to say is, “Car Wash really likes it when you wear your pull-ups,” or “If Car Wash were here, he would be so happy to see you eating your eggs.” If Car Wash wants something to happen, it happens. I guess when Car Wash talks, you don’t question the dude. You just do what you’re told with a smile, and whether this is out of fear or respect, I do not know. Car Wash is a mystery to me. I have never met him because after a week of being on his way, he still has not shown up. I’m beginning to think  that he’s a bit of a flake.

A few times a day, we check for Car Wash to see if he’s coming. I am told he drives a large (and very loud) red truck. Sometimes we hear him drive by, but the guy never stops at our house. We suggested a couple of days ago, when Car Wash was taking so long to come, that we go to him. We were informed by our son in no uncertain terms that we would not go to Car Wash. “Car Wash will be here in twenty minutes!” was his reasoning, and he ran to the window to see if he was here.

We hear endless stories about Car Wash. Our son can go on and on for over an hour talking nonstop, telling stories about Car Wash going to the Exploratorium or Car Wash making BG some breakfast, or Car Wash giving BG a bath. Every story ends with, “And that was a story about Car Wash!” He is very entertaining and multifaceted, that Car Wash.

We make him food in case he ever does show up. French toast is his favorite. He also enjoys jazz–and Mumford and Sons. We make notes and pictures for when he arrives. One day, we cleaned the house because, “Ohmygosh! Car Wash is coming! Car Wash is coming! He’s going to be here in five minutes!”

But then he called, and he said he would be here tomorrow. He calls a lot, and every time it’s the same song and dance.

Oh Car Wash. I hope we can count on you. The suspense is really getting to me. I have got to meet this boy/machine/beast/demigod that has won my son’s affections.



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8 responses to “car wash is coming!

  1. This is hilarious and sounds so cute!

  2. Car Wash prefers to be a mystery. Leave him be and he will continue to assist you with your son. So far, no Car Wash or similar has captivated Curly, sigh.

  3. tbean

    Maybe Car Wash is hanging out with Godot.

  4. tbean

    Oh so glad you liked my comment. Knew you would get the reference! Just made my wife read this post and we laughed hard. And thought about how crazy fun it will be in a year and half when the turtles can have wild imaginations like this!

    • reproducinggenius

      I can only imagine how much *more* fun it will be to have two of them feeding one another’s imagination. It really is great fun, and every day brings new surprises, each of them worthy of tons of laughter (which is why I really should be blogging more–this stuff is just plain fun to write about).

      And of course I got your reference (and loved it)! In fact, I was just remarking the other day that we had a regular Sartre on our hands–but Beckett might be more apropos . 🙂

  5. Lex

    That’s insanely adorable 🙂

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