Dear Blog,

How are you old friend? I have missed you. It has been over a month since my last missive, and while my inclination is to apologize, I have to admit I have simply been enjoying living life–and I haven’t even had guilt about not writing. Well, not much anyway. Oh, but I want to tell you about my latest adventures, I do!

For instance, last month, we took our whole little family plus my mom on a fabulous road trip. Well, it would have been fabulous. It was fabulous in theory, and then our boy got sick two days in. And then my wife got sick three days in. Then me. We were at our furthest point out, and three of the four of us were sick as dogs. We saw some really beautiful country, though, and our boy, sick as he was, was such a champ. So yes, I’d like to tell you more about that when I get a chance. I’ve got some pretty stunning photos and amusing anecdotes.

Then there’s the fact that our boy is in love with appliances, so we took him to this museum where he got to explore how things work. He can’t stop talking about it.

We also just got back from our first camping trip with our son. I have wanted to write about how nervous we have been about taking him, about what it felt like to finally be going. I think you’ll enjoy hearing about this.

And then there’s BG’s schooling, which we’re trying to begin this year. We have a visit tomorrow at a Montessori preschool, and our name is on a waiting list at the preschool where my wife works. We are so excited for our curious boy to have some new input, and we’re equally excited for him to learn to be around other children without shouting, “I don’t want that kid to be here!” (We suggested today that he alter his mantra to “I want to be the only child in the universe!” He complied for a few moments, but went back to his usual, only this time, he shouted it into his shirt.)

I have to be honest, though, dear blog, I have been spending time at a different URL. I have bought my first domain name, and am working hard at creating a website for my doula business. I might even blog there. I hope you will understand. I’m not abandoning you, just branching out. It will be good for both of us.

I know it has been a month, and it has never been a full month since I’ve written. I can’t guarantee it won’t happen again, but I won’t be quitting you anytime soon. We’re good together, blog.

I’ll write again soon. I promise.




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