calling on my braintrust

I know I don’t have any business asking favors when all I can manage to produce here is about three posts a month now, but I have a request. I’m in the midst of trying to put together a website for my doula business, and I need to come up with a name. I am totally stumped. I would love something all lovely and goddessy, but nothing comes to mind. I would love something memorable at all, but I’ve got nothing. I’m the worst at names. I can agonize over a screen name for days. It took a solid week to come up with the name for this blog, and after five years of blogging here, I’m still not always crazy about it.

So I need a good old-fashioned brainstorm. If you have any ideas, even if you don’t think they’re great, would you share them? Please? My theory is that if I can get as many of you brilliant minds working together as possible, I might just find the most perfect doula business name ever. (And if you’re too shy to respond here, you can send an email.)

Thank you ever so much.

Of course, the kicker is that I won’t be able to share the name here in the interest of preserving a slice of anonymity, but I’ll certainly let you know if I choose your name! (And somehow provide you with the appropriate thanks!)




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4 responses to “calling on my braintrust

  1. Not really what you’re looking for, but I once saw this awesome bumper sticker that you might repurpose. It said: “Midwives: We Help People Out.”
    On the more goddessy side, how about Gaia? (Greek personification of earth; one of the primordial Greek gods who was the great mother of all the Olympian gods.)

  2. Meg

    I stumbled upon your blog awhile back. As I raise my 11 month old son, I’ve referenced back to a few of your prior posts that I have found to be useful. Thanks.
    Here in Portland, we have alma midwifery that has always been a pleasing name to me:

  3. K

    I think it depends on how you want to focus your practice. Can you look at backing into a name? Write your “about me” part of your webpage, then see if anything comes jumping out at you?

  4. That is a hard one. The first name that came to mind is “Huff and puff” inspired by The Three Little PIgs. I am 100% sure that is not the name you want. I am trying to think of a better one. Are you considering midwife school ? If so, then your name needs to be neutral enough to cover both. “There for you” comes to mind. What about your name, doula services? Keep it simple.

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