so long as he’s not a republican

My two-year-old thinks he is an adult. It seems, in fact, that he’s one of those adults who doesn’t like children. You know the type. This is evidenced by the fact that each time we’re out in public and he sees a child, he says in his most crazy toddler voice, “I don’t want that kid/those kids to be here!”

I don’t think I need to tell you this is embarrassing. Really embarrassing.

But I remind him, “You know, BG, you’re a kid too! Those kids are kids just like you.”

Then he screams.

We are in the midst of an anti-social phase, and while I know we haven’t helped with this with our inability to get him around other children more than once or twice a week, there’s something else at work here. He’s entered early curmudgeon-hood.

Pretty soon, he’s going to be yelling at the kids outside to get off his lawn. A mini John McCain–that’s what our boy has become.



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3 responses to “so long as he’s not a republican

  1. C Storm

    I have one that I swear was born an 80 year-old curmudgeon. She’s still like that…she just doesn’t like young people, though she’s eighteen, herself. Every adult that has ever met the kid is her instant friend, but she rarely hangs out with peers. She is really pretty happy, despite her anti-social ways and she’s quick to point out that she likes and respects humanity at a distance, and as a concept. It’s just the individual people who rub her the wrong way. She is the kid who could tell me at three that she was going to be a librarian and she is in the thick of her studies to be a librarian and she will be a great one but never, never a children’s librarian…

    At eighteen she clicks her tongue in disapproval when her peers smoke cigarettes, show too much flesh, fail to adhere to her own exacting standards regarding schoolwork, etc. And she is a member of several adult book groups and the local adult community theater troupe for fun.

    If BG continues this way many people are going to assume that he’s been ‘adultified,’ and that he is the way he is solely because he’s an only child in a highly literate household. And some of that may be but also…some kids are just like that. I think mine would have been like this (as I was) even if she’d had siblings and foster-siblings during the first half of her life.

  2. jilldab

    hook was the same way for a bit. we would be at the children’s museum and he would get upset that other kids wanted to play at the same time. he adjusted. hope the same is true for you.

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