walking the path

I am positively exhausted. I’m two days into my three-day doula workshop. It has been an amazing couple of days so far, filled with information, encouragement, lovely women, massages, and chocolate. It’s everything I have wanted it to be. In a day, I’ll be another step closer to this, and soon, I’ll be attending births, working toward certification–and soon after, I may even be able to charge for my services. It’s hard to believe I’m finally here, that I’m really walking this path, but I am.

On one of the resources we were given today was a contact for an organization that wants volunteer doulas for surrogate moms and for egg donation recipients. It’s a clinic, clearly a fertility clinic, and my instructor let me know that there’s another. The possibility of working with people whose road to their babies has been long and hard is obviously alluring to me. I’m also imagining this is how I’ll find a number of queer clients, and I like that idea.

I’m not sure what to do with all of these positive steps except to look back and admire and then keep walking forward. It feels so good to have something new in my life, something that is mine, something that was meant to be (and it’s clearer with every minute that this really was meant to be).

More on this later. Lots, lots more.


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