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all set

Well this is just sad. It’s the last week of the month, and the last time I wrote was the first week of the month. Not cool, T. Not cool. Were April going to be any different, I would vow to post daily because clearly I need the exercise, but that’s not going to happen. I’ve got a month of no weekends because I’m doing this extra job that I do once a year (it’s university entrance exam scoring for nearly a month straight), and then somewhere in the middle of all of that, I’ve finally got my doula training and a few days later, my fourteenth anniversary with my wife. It’s quite a big month!

But before all of that begins, we have my wife’s spring break. Our son has been asking for a month to go to a “nice room” (hotel), so we opted to make a trip with him in mind and are heading to our state capitol to stay in a very nice room, visit some children’s museums/creative spaces, and even see some family. He was so excited today when he woke up that he grabbed his little backpack and immediately packed some books in it. Later in the day, when we gave him his suitcase, he packed that too. In it, he has a huge stack of books, some of his favorite stuffed animals, two pairs of socks belong to me and/or J, his red Chuck Taylors, every shirt from his shirt drawer, a prefold diaper, and an afghan. He asked for assistance zipping it up, and promptly rolled it to the front door. He was buzzing with so much excitement tonight that he took nearly two hours to fall asleep. While this was maddening in the moment, it is so endearing to think that these plans we’ve made with him in mind are pleasing him already. We happen to have snagged a very nice hotel through Pricel.ine, so I imagine the valet parking, long elevator ride, opulent lobby, and big fluffy beds are going to make him giddy. I love seeing the world through his eyes.

Interestingly, the last time J and I stayed at this hotel we were attending a major rally following the passing of Prop 8. It’s a place that holds a lot of memories for us because it was just before we got pregnant with BG. Seeing this again with him in tow feels particularly poignant.

And finally, a note on the title of this post. J and I say this phrase a lot. We’ll get ready to go, and say “All set!” or we’ll finish getting dressed, and again we’ll say, “All set!” A few weeks ago, I kept hearing him say “Oh shit!” and I was surprised. J and I have slipped a few times, but not this much, and not really this phrase. But again and again, she and I both heard “Oh shit!” from him. One day, I finished tying his shoes, and as he jumped down, he said it: “Oh shit!”  But no, Ms. Cynical Mommypottybrain, no, that was “All set” our sweet boy had been exclaiming all this time. I learned this as I correct him, and he promtly corrected me, very carefully pronouncing each syllable. I promptly felt like an ass–a very relieved ass.


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