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performance debut

I don’t seem to be able to post anything but videos right now. I want to write more, but I’m tired of being negative, so I’m being a little quiet for awhile. That said, things aren’t so bad (I just seem to be thinking about negative things). In fact, BG has strung together almost three weeks of wellness (knock wood) and is really beginning to use his language instead of less desirable physical outlets when he’s frustrated. We are being reminded that, yes, we do have a really great kid, and he’s so much fun.

This weekend, he and I took a visit to my parents’ house to give J a weekend to grade and to give BG some quality grandparent and cousin time. It was the first time he was really able to play with both of his cousins (one a year older, oneĀ a year younger). It was heartwarming and wonderful, and I’m so glad he has them. He hugged them, kissed them, held hands with them. It was so joyful.

On our road trip, we listened to lots of music. We always listen to tons of music, and we have long sung to BG. We’ve had him in Music Together off and on since he was one. However, our son has never been one to actually express any sort of musicality. He doesn’t dance, doesn’t sing, doesn’t really even chant the lyrics to anything. Okay, so he does play some decent percussion, but otherwise, he hasn’t been in any kind of hurry to show off any of that music education at all. But he’s always listening and listening well.

Every night, we have a song we sing to him. It’s a song we made up when he was maybe three months old and he was wearing pajamas with frogs on the feet:

You’ve got frogs on your feet

And they’re kickin’ to the beat

Hop, hop hopping along

Singing along to the song

Frog Feet

Groovy Beat

Ain’t it sweet?

Frog feeeeeeeeet!

The tune is not anything you’d recognize, but it’s jazzy, and the last four lines are accompanied by snapping, and the last line ends with what J calls a “jazz clap”–silent snapping over our heads, reminiscent of some sort of beat poetry reading. BG somehow learned to be the epitome of cool long ago, and as soon as he could speak, he added, “Yeah!” to those final silent snaps. He has never sung this song–until last night. Now, he’s not got much in the way of melody, but he has the rhythm, and today, he practiced it over and over and over again (all while wearing just a diaper). He has a very specific routine, as you’ll see because I’m sharing both versions. Note that one rendition is followed by an encore performance of “The Wheels on the Bus.” Apparently, now that he sings, he sings every song he has ever heard. I love this about him. The celebratory clapping is new too.

Here you have it, BG in action:

Frog Feet, Version 1:


Frog Feet, Version 2



P.S. Why isn’t WordPress embedding youtube videos anymore? What am I missing?



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