he thought he could

Today my parents came to visit, and we went for a walk in the redwoods. BG refused to walk for much of the first half of our trek. At one point, he stopped, whined, and said, “I’m stuck!” He refused to move for several minutes until I finally put him on my shoulders are marched on.

Soon, however, he remembered we were there to visit the trees, and he got into it. He got down off of my shoulders, kissed and hugged the trees, and actually walked.

Tree Love

He also took his very first photo of the redwoods. Not bad!

 On our way back, BG walked the entire way, but at one point, he became a little discouraged. It was then that his early literary education paid off, as he began to chant, “I think I can.” He did this for nearly half a mile, charming hikers and park rangers along the way. Really, who doesn’t love the little engine? Here he is in action:

Little Engine



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4 responses to “he thought he could

  1. Too adorbs!
    BTW thank you for the behavior books suggestions. We are also coping with a very active little boy and striving to figure out how to manage his less appropriate behaviors. He loves his animals, but for some reason he wants to whack the cats when they are eating– no matter what, where and when. He sees them eat and he runs at them windmilling his little arms and trying to make contact.

  2. Kimberly

    Totally melted my heart! How cute (and perseverant)!

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