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a placeholder of sorts

I have a big heady post brewing in response to the last one I wrote, but it’s been a challenging week. We’re seeing some marginal improvement on the hitting, have seen no biting, and while we’re still having normal two-year-old outbursts and meltdowns, I would like to think some of the order and consistency we’ve implemented may be helping. More on that later. It’s also entirely possible that the fact that he has another cold has mellowed him out a bit.

Anyway, we’re hanging in there, and mulling over so much of what was written in response to that post, reading some good brain development books (if you haven’t checked out The Whole Brain Child, do so–WOW), and rethinking how we’ve done things around here. I do think after reading what I wrote that maybe BG is coming across as a small tyrant. That is not the case, and I really don’t think he has any abornmal behavior issues that will send us to our nearest behavioral psychologist; I think he’s in need of clearer, more consistent boundaries and responses to undesirable behavior. Again, more on this later. I want to spend some time with it. What I don’t want to do, however, is leave that last post up here as my most current. It doesn’t feel right to dwell on that because this behavior is a small part of who our son is.

Tomorrow, if our family is well, we are off on a roadtrip to visit California’s armpit (don’t ask–ugh) to visit J’s family whom she hasn’t seen in many years. BG will meet his uncle and cousin as well as some great aunts/uncles. This marks twelve years since her parents passed away. BG is very excited about packing his backpack and going for a stay in a “nice room” (hotel room) where he is most looking forward–positively giddy, in fact– to seeing and playing with the in-room coffee maker. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.


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