and again

After not even two weeks of wellness, our son came down with the sniffles last night and woke up with a full-blown head cold this morning. He had told us yesterday he was “having a rough time” and wanted a breathing treatment. It turns out he was indeed having a rough time, for his poor little nose is stuffy as can be. He is presently snoring next to me after waking up four times after his initial bedtime tonight. Of course, the cold itself needn’t be so bad. He’s been up and playing and generally feeling okay for most of the day. Once in awhile, he has come to one of us to say, “Too much boogies!” meaning the snot has surpassed his two-year-old nose-wiping abilities, and he needs our help. The boy refuses to blow his nose. He has done it a number of times quite successfully, but when we encourage him to blow, he gives us a very strong-willed, “No!” and then hides his face or runs away. If only he could really understand.

What I’m most concerned about is the secondary infection that nearly always follows. Since he has just had pneumonia not even a month ago, we’re told it is likely he could develop another lung infection. Of course, there are also the ears and the sinuses. Maybe this time it will be his left elbow, his toenails, the hair follicles on his eyebrows. All ridiculousness aside, my wife and I are bracing ourselves for what is to come but hoping we’ll escape this one with just a raw nose.

It’s all such a bummer because we were just getting back into the swing of things with our social lives. We started our third session of Music Together with BG’s favorite teacher. We got to go to our moms’ group and hang out with some lovely women and their kids. BG and Mama went to a new storytime. We even had a playdate set up for this week (which we’ll now have to cancel). This is what begins to really get depressing because we find ourselves missing out on living our lives, and each time, BG regresses in some way. This time, he’s gotten back into his physical aggression, hitting, pinching, scratching, and even biting us. It’s so discouraging.

And yet I don’t want to sound like this. I don’t want to be this person who’s forever complaining, but maybe if I had a month or even two months (nah, that’s getting greedy) of a healthy family, I’d whine a little less.

So please, if you could, send us your best “no secondary infection” vibes for the coming weeks. It would be nice if this one would sail by like a little head cold should.




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3 responses to “and again

  1. c storm

    vibes sent…good luck. 🙂

  2. Sending you those vibes, and please, complain all you want. The 3 of us are fighting off something nasty right now and it’s not pretty. Considering all the secondary stuff you have to deal with concerning BG, I imagine it’s even worse.

  3. chunkandmommy

    I am so sorry he is sick again. 😦 Poor guy. Chunk and I were both sick last week and it was awful. Complain, scream or pout….whatever you need to. Wish I was closer to give you a break!

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