a little better than a bedbug

You are all so sweet, and your support and virtual hugs have certainly helped to buoy my spirits a bit. Yesterday, my wife took BG shopping while I worked, and she came home with new bedding for our guest room/my office to make me more comfortable on our (dreadfully hard) futon as we work toward being better rested and prepare for BigBoyBed Training, Round #245.

I don’t think we’ll do this cosleeping thing longer than a week or so. My son is not fun to share a bed with. Initially, it was actually very sweet to be able to snuggle with him, especially when he was still ill, and I felt like my comfort was doing some good. But he’s a bed hog and a pillow thief, and he does weird things like sticking his hand in the top, back of my shirt (??) or trying to use my skull as a pillow. He hates blankets, so he often tries to deprive me of blankets as well (not okay), and he really prefers my pillow but only if I’m also sleeping on it (also not okay).

Granted, we’re getting more sleep. He’s sleeping pretty well once he gets over me taking him to the guest room and not hanging out with him in his room endlessly or not putting him in bed with my wife and I (for some reason, he gets really mad about the futon, which I think is a good thing in the long run).  I’m mostly sleeping okay. At least I’m not going back and forth between our room and his. And J, well, the cats seem to be waking her up plenty, but she’s sleeping a bit more too. Who knows; we may all wake up well-rested one day soon.

As much as it makes me cringe to say it, I think I’m going to be sleeping on his floor once we make the decision to start bed training again. The loose plan is to sleep there for a few days until he’s sleeping well, and then I’ll slowly move myself closer to the door and into the hall and so on. Maybe it will work; it’s got to work better than bribes with cheap toys or stickers did.


On a more positive note, my wife and I are going on a date tomorrow. We’re going to see a movie, the first movie we’ve seen in a theater since just before BG was born. I hope we don’t sleep through it.


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  1. nutella

    Well, I certainly hope you can all get more sleep each night! Enjoy your movie date night!

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