where oh where is my sleep

We had the worst night ever last night. BG woke up every half hour to an hour. He wouldn’t go back to his bed. When he did, he wouldn’t lie down. He cried. I cried. I begged him to sleep. I bargained with him. I pleaded. I left him in his room crying. I did everything I could imagine to get him to sleep in his bed, and he woke up every time, sometimes just five minutes later, but almost always before I was truly able to get back to sleep. By 3:30 or so, I grabbed some pillows and a couple of blankets and crashed out on his floor. Not only am I exhausted, but my hips and back are screaming. We all slept very little last night. Very, very little indeed.

He has been asleep for three hours, and he has already woken up once. I don’t have any hopes that tonight will be better.



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4 responses to “where oh where is my sleep

  1. jilldab

    doesn’t sound like fun for anyone. Hope you catch a break soon.

  2. sounds truly hell-ish. Is he getting sick or something? I feel bad for ALL of you! Here’s hoping you get some sleep and SOON!

  3. Ugh. I hope you get more tonight!

  4. Ainsley

    I am so sorry….SLEEP, BG!

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