the diva cup: a review

I never write reviews here, but I have happened upon a product–an experience if you will–that I have to share, and because this blog started with ample discussions of my lady parts and cycles, it seems only appropriate that I share with all of you.

A few months ago, a friend of mine was visiting, and she asked if I had heard of the moon cup–a menstrual cup. Of course, I had. We had used a disposable menstrual cup during inseminations for some time. No, no, this is a bit different, she assured me, and she proceeded to give me the sales pitch of a lifetime by sharing her experience with this cup she had been using. She was having shorter cycles, fewer cramps, no odor, and far less fuss. I was intrigued, but it took another visit and a similar sales pitch to my wife for me to remember that I was contemplating this thing.

I have long hated feminine hygiene products. I don’t know any one of us who enjoys buying these things and using them. It’s a pain, and none of them are perfect. To me, pads and tampons have always been uncomfortable in some way or another, and the cost is insane. Each year, it seems the cost of these things goes up, and as many of you know, we’ve had plenty of months when we have had to live on next to nothing. Having to shell out what could otherwise have been food money was always so frustrating.

Last month when my cycle arrived, I decided it was time to give this thing a try. At the little market near us, they sell the Diva cup (probably the most common cup out there), so when my wife was headed to the store for some wine, I had her pick one up. It cost $26, and just one can last several years.

I was initially a little worried that it would take some time to learn to put the thing in, that I would have to remove it and replace it, and that it would be a big mess. But it wasn’t. It was so simple and so easy to tell it was in place. I put it in and forgot about it. The beauty of this cup is that you can leave it in place for 10-12 hours. I honestly can go eight hours without thinking about it at all. I don’t feel it. I don’t even worry about it (okay, I did the first month, but my worries were very quickly eased when nothing happened). I literally had only one small leak, and it was because I simply let the thing go for too long on a heavy flow day. Normally, my heavy flow days with tampons are cause for lots of bathroom “checks” and honestly plenty of tampon failures. For most of my period, I wore a tiny pantyliner, and it was just once that I even needed it.

Most women when thinking about the cup are okay with the insertion but not so much with the emptying or cleaning of it. Let me just say, if you’ve dealt with a pad, if you’ve ever had to throw away a tampon, you’ve dealt with far more grossness than you’re going to encounter here. Seriously. Just take it out (it has a little stem, which makes it easy), dump it, and either wipe it or rinse it, and put it back in. It’s seriously that easy.

One of the wonderful surprises about this is that you never have to carry supplies. I was worried that a public restroom “change” might be messy, but honestly it’s not any messier than inserting a tampon (if you’ve used the ones without applicators, you’re fine).

Another lovely surprise is that because it’s made of silicone, it doesn’t sap all the moisture out of your lady bits, which means you feel far more normal. Sure there’s still the sensitivity and cramping of a period, but even that is less. It’s amazing.

I can honestly say that when old Flo showed up this month, I was happy to use my cup again. I can’t believe how transformative this is, how freeing it feels to not be bound to the tampon/pad manufacturers, to be able to go wherever I want (hiking! camping! shopping!) without thinking about supplies. I never imagined managing my period could be so easy.

A couple of weeks after my first go-around with the Diva, my wife’s period arrived, and we had almost no supplies. She was complaining about how awful the tampons were, so when I went to the store later that day, I brought one home from her. She was an instant convert. My wife has always hated dealing with things like this. She’s always been far more squeamish than I about matters of the body, but she used the cup easily throughout her whole period without a single leak or any other mishap. She’s in love with her Diva cup too.

I’m telling you, this thing will change you. I can’t recommend it enough–and it’s not just for “tampon people.” It’s not even comparable, honestly. Just consider it: you’ll reduce the mounds of waste created with menstrual products, you’ll reduce the amount of money you’re spending on those products, and you’ll significantly decrease the amount of time you spend thinking and/or dealing with your period. It’s revolutionary, ladies.

You can find the Diva cup here and other cup options (including pretty colors!) here.




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8 responses to “the diva cup: a review

  1. Yes! It has completely changed our lives. WE ADORE IT! 🙂

  2. Vee

    Hmm, well you might just have convinced me to add one to my collection. I have tried sea sponges and quite liked them but they are a bit messy to rinse and though I love my cloth pads, they are a tad bulky.

  3. Lynnette

    I’ve used a Diva since college, and I LOVE it.

  4. I love my diva cup too! I’ve been using mine for years and it’s still chugging.

  5. In addition to that, I’d strongly recommend Luna Pads or Glad Rags as a cloth alternative – including for pantyliners. I started using them because of an allergic reaction to regular pads and have never looked back. They’re a bit more work and supplies to carry but I find they’re well worth it.

  6. Next in line

    I have been using this or something like it for 20 years. The Diva cup is so awesome.

  7. Pourlebebe

    I’ve tried the Instead cups and find that with them in I can’t pee. Do you think this would cause the same problem? I think DW would LOVE it… once her postpartum AF returns…

    • reproducinggenius

      I also tried Instead cups and HATED them. This is very different–much more flexible, much easier to insert and quite a bit smaller as well. The instead cup has that thick, rigid plastic ring that probably is what is interfering with peeing. The Diva is entirely silicone and very soft (moves with your body, etc.), so it doesn’t interfere with any bodily functions (nor does it seem to be affected). It’s really worth it (as the others above have also stated).

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