new year, new beginnings

I can’t believe how much I disappeared over the past few weeks, but I’ve been off work, and because I work 30-plus hours a week online, getting on the computer felt a little too much like walking into the office, so I’ve stayed away and lived life, and it has been mostly really lovely.

In the process, however, I’ve missed some major holidays, so let me just say that I hope your winter holidays have been filled with joy and love and many, many blessings.

Today marks the first day of 2012, and while I am not one for resolutions, I do like to make plans for fresh starts and new projects. For instance, I have been talking for a year now about enrolling in doula training. This week, I finally put down a deposit on an amazing program that will take place in the spring. I have a nice long reading list, and I’m so excited to finally be doing this.

On the other career front, I’m also trying to get back into the classroom by next fall. I miss teaching, miss the comfort and challenge of academia. Plus, if I teach, we can send BG to our preferred preschool, which is no small thing.

I want to engage in more creative pursuits too, and I completely missed out on last year’s color photo project, so this year, I’m planning to take on the 2012 Photo Challenge as outlined here.

And that’s what I have so far–a list in the making, something to get me started.

What are your new projects for 2012?


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