deliver me from november

I suppose I ought to write something before my big gigantic flop of a NaBloPoMo attempt is officially over. I really don’t know what happened. Actually, I do. I became really tired of reading my own complaining, so I stopped. It’s been a really crappy month, and I’m glad to see it making its way out the door. Between little sleep, several illnesses, surprise cat surgeries, and more, I’m just ready for some easy–not that I think that is coming. Anyway, here are some final snippets from November:

Our boy is still not sleeping, and when he does, he also sleepwalks. The other night, just a couple of hours after we put him down, we heard his door open, heard his little sleeper feet run down the hallway. He hurried into the living room, grabbed my water bottle, and ran back to his room where he laid down with it and hugged it. At some point in here, I had attempted to pick him up, which is our usual protocol when he comes out of his room, but he wouldnt’ let me touch him. It was then that we realized he was still asleep.

Because we discovered this sleepwalking the second day he was in his toddler bed, we bought our very first gate. Yes, our child is over two, and we never had a gate, but now that there is this potential that he could sleepwalk himself right out the door, we can’t take any chances. We’ve also installed extra flap locks on all external doors just in case he takes up sleep leaping.

An unfortunate by-product of his lack of sleep is his moms’ lack of sleep, and as a result, we’ve had a big backslide on early morning cosleeping. Last night, he ended up in our bed around 3am and kept my wife up with his flailing for two hours before she decided to get up and go into work early. However, BG also woke up early, so we were all up and crabby, and my wife and I were less than kind with one another, thus a new plan is in place for keeping the kid in his own damn bed.

And have I mentioned the roosters? No, no I haven’t. A few weeks ago, BG said something about there being no roosters in his bedroom. I looked around and I said, “Nope, no roosters!” He told us several times over the next few days, in a reassuring tone, “No roosters in yours room.” We agreed. Well, last week at dinner, the boy started talking about roosters. Roosters at Grandpa and Grandma’s house, roosters at our house, and I giggled saying, “No, the roosters aren’t in your room. They’re outside!” In this moment, a look of sheer terror crept across my son’s face, and he began to wail as he reached for me and pleaded for me to pick him up. I held him, and he was trembling with fear as he went on and on about roosters. I reassured him that there were no roosters, not in his room, not outside of his room, not at Grandma and Grandpa’s. It took a long time to calm him down, and only after we locked all of the deadbolts and flap bolts and locked the windows did he believe that they wouldn’t come in. We even had to check under his bed. Fortunately, he’s got a crocodile living under there, but damn! This boy is terrified of roosters. What’s funny about this is that he loves the roosters at the farm when we take him there. He talks to them, laughs at them, and finds them utterly amusing. My best guess is that he has had some nightmares starring roosters, and he can’t comprehend yet that they aren’t really in his room. Poor, poor boy.

Because we lost our babysitter (she started to dump us, and then we officially dumped her), we have had no date nights and we’ve barely made it to therapy–and not at all together in a month. A friend of ours offered to have BG over to play with her kids while we went today, which is really gracious considering he shoves them both and is a less than sweet houseguest, but BG caught some sort of GI bug that had him puking all over me on Saturday night and has had him making some pretty nasty diapers ever since. I opted to stay home with the kid. I’m determined, though, that BG will learn to be human with these super-sweet kids and that we’ll all get to make some new friends. In the meantime, we’re interviewing babysitters this Friday.

A bright spot in all of this was our visit to the grandparents’ home for Thanksgiving. This is not usually a bright spot, but we took the reigns this year and decided not to let ourselves be turned into worker bees so that my mom could create even more stress for herself and everyone around her. Instead, we showed up Thanksgiving day with our dishes in hand (including homemade pumpkin icecream), and I was so impressed to find that because we didn’t come early, she actually got organized. This meant that we all got to enjoy one another so much more. BG got to have fun with his cousins (although he did shove them as well–ugh), and he got some quality time with both of his grandparents. The following day, my parents had planned to take a trek into the woods for their Christmas tree, so we accompanied them, and we stopped along the way to pick up our own tree permit. We headed into US Forest Service land and had a grand time looking for the perfect tree. BG was in a terrible mood because he was ready for a nap, but I strapped him in the Ergo, something I never really do anymore, and we went tromping through the forest. Eventually, we found a lovely cedar, which my parents agreed to bring to us at some point in the coming two weeks. We enjoyed ourselves so much, we opted to stay an extra night, after which my parents decided they would follow us the four hours home and bring us our tree. BG was elated to have his grandparents here even for just a few hours, and he is still telling the story of Grandpa cutting the tree down with the chainsaw and putting it in our house. I’ll have to take a photo once it’s all decorated because it’s almost comically large. It just seemed so much smaller out there in the forest. Next year, we’ll do a little more measuring (because a $10 permit and a hike sure beats spending $100 on a tree!). Oh, and now, BG has said he would like “a little chainsaw.” Oh dear.

Our return brought a doctor’s appointment I have been dreading for a month. We had to take BG in for allergy testing. If you have been reading long, you know that we struggled for a long time with dairy protein allergies (so much so that I had to give up dairy while he was exlusively breastfeeding, and even then we ended up having to see a pediatric GI doc who proclaimed him likely allergic to a few different things). Well, the dairy allergy has finally been resolving itself in the last three months or so, but something has continued to give BG the occasional outbreak of eczema. Then a couple of months ago, he had some sesame oil in a marinade of some sort, and he broke out in hives all over his face and neck. We were fairly certain he had multiple food allergies, and we were bracing for the worst. While the test was nearly as miserable as I expected it to be (it really did hurt the poor guy, but it’s far more efficient than it used to be), the results were surprising. His only allergy is to sesame. We don’t have to worry about eggs, soy, dairy, or nuts. I’m delighted. I’m bummed about the sesame too though. I love sesame. He actually likes it quite a bit–and it sneaks into things like granola and bread and the like, so we need to be careful–but that’s far easier than keeping him away from these other things. Honestly, though, after all these months of worrying about what he eats, it’s a lttle surreal not having to think so hard or spend so much money on substitutes (although our son does have a taste for goat yogurt and goat cheese that he just can’t shake–at $6 a quart for the yogurt. We really do have a kid with wine country taste). I imagine we’ll get used to this new outlook pretty quickly.


And that, dear readers, wraps up my month. Tomorrow brings payday and grocery shopping. a sigh of relief, and a wish for no more vet or child emergencies. It brings just seventeen more days of work until my wife and I have a couple of weeks off together when we’ll do some crafting and have some holiday fun and maybe even traumatize our child by placing him on a Santa lap. Yes, December will be a better month.


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5 responses to “deliver me from november

  1. Sounds like November was quite the month for your family! Here’s to a happier, calmer and HEALTHIER December! And hooray for payday, extra love from the grandparents and a lovely, self-cut Christmas tree!

  2. Also wishing you a much, much better December, complete with traumatic Santa pictures.

  3. Ainsley

    Wow, you’ve had quite the month, mama. You totally deserve a quiet, relaxing December! Please post pictures of all of the holiday merriment. xoxo

  4. I am a little late- and it’s already December 1- so here’s hoping it’s started off better!

  5. Okay, I’m later than shroomie because I could have sworn I already commented on this… but, apparently, not. Here is wishing you peace and joy in December, which sounds hokey and cliche, except for the fact that I am wishing them to you in tons and bucketloads because after last month you, my friend, deserve them!

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