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Well, it’s official. November 2011 is really kind of sucky.

Yesterday, I went out to do a couple of hours of work from a coffee shop while BG and J hung out at home. When I came home, we had the usual bustle of wrapping up BG’s day, and as we began to prepare his dinner, my wife told me about a spill she took while I was out. She had opened the door to our patio to toss something in the recycling only to fall unexpectedly down the two steps. In the process, she twisted her back, landed her knee, hip, and shoulder on the steps, and hit her head on the concrete patio. She seemed a little off, and as the night progressed, she was in more and more pain. The pain was so bad in the night she got sick.

Can you believe I had to convince her–demand even–that she should stay home from school today? It’s true. She hardly slept, and by the time morning arrived, she could barely move. I made her get to the doctor this morning, and while nothing is broken, she’s as hurt as she’s ever been. She can’t pick up BG; she can’t do much more than basic self care. She’s got to stay in bed, take her meds, and work on healing.

As this is on the heels of none of us getting enough sleep for over a week, I’ve been less than graceful today. BG has perfected his whine, and he used it endlessly today. And I can’t count the number of times he demanded, “Mommy, pick you up!” all while he refused to eat anything. I can’t count the number of times I screamed at the top of my lungs–inside my head.

But we had adventures. This morning, we went to the red store to buy a new heating pad, and we admired sewing machines, mixers, vacuum cleaners, and Christmwas schwag. I took him to J’s university where we dropped off papers for her students and treats for her department secretaries (we have an arrangement where I supply them with baked goods and they in turn treat my wife very well. If only they were on the hiring committee–I’m sure I’d be in a tenure-track position in no time. Seriously, these ladies love their baked goods.) We met a couple of her students and rode a rickety elevator. We admired the fall leaves that are blanketing the campus.

And then I even took BG to therapy. It was a crapshoot, and he was a total mess, but she was so graceful with him. She pulled out crayons, offered me her rocking chair, made animal sounds with him. Finally, because he was totally beside himself with lack of sleep, I decided to offer him nursing. We nursed, and I had a very light day at therapy, and we sat in the dark. It was actually quite nice, even though it was so challenging. I’m so glad I went. We were driven by frugality, by the fact that we couldn’t afford to pay the fee for not giving 48-hours’ notice, and instead, I got a chance to reset, which was totally unexpected.

But despite the fact that we seem to be living under a perpetual rain cloud these days, I’m okay. We’re okay. We’re learning how to roll with the punches and welcome any bright spots that may come our way. I wouldn’t complain a bit if the bright spots took over for awhile.


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