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tuesday night smatterings

Not much of substance to say tonight because I’m tired, so bullets it is:

  •  I’m still trying to fight off this cold. Half the time it is winning, and half the time I am. I hope tomorrow proves different.
  • The time change has done a number on our sleep. Sound familiar? BG is waking up at ungodly hours. He doesn’t know why he has to stay up so late. He wants to take his nap by like ten in the morning. Fun.
  • Transitioning our son to his big boy bed in the midst of time change hell was either brilliant (we get all the sleep hell out of the way at once) or really, really stupid (all the sleep hell is compounded). Let’s just say this mommy is no longer used to middle of the night wakeups.
  • Middle of the night wakeups and early mornings especially suck when you’re trying not to be sick.
  • We sold the crib today. BG watched me and the mama-to-be who was buying it load it into her car. He said goodbye, said he didn’t need it anymore because he has a big boy bed. And then “You LOVE big boy bed!”
  • It’s damn cold here right now (don’t laugh). I’m glad fall is finally upon us, but it’s a little challenging to aclimate when the weather shifts from 85 to 50 in a week’s time.
  • Because of the cold, we have gotten to test out our pellet stove. It’s awesome. BG wants me to start a fire anytime we don’t have one. He desperately wants to help, so I let him, but this is going to get tricky because he really likes the stove, and I don’t want him to like it quite so much given its potential for causing third degree burns.
  • I can’t seem to get my pumpkin bread right, and this is driving me nuts. I need a good recipe. If you have one (or if you have one for pumpkin muffins) please help. Bonus if it’s lower on the sugar and fat but still moist.

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