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side effects

So my wife and I were talking today wondering how long it would take BG to leave his room on his own after sleeping. He hadn’t tried to get up on his own last night and instead cried for us. This conversation was taking place during his nap.

As if on cue, we heard his door open, heard his little feet padding down the hall, and saw his sleepy smile and rumpled hair peak around the corner into the kitchen. My wife and I both gasped a little, looked at each other with the same slightly terrified look, and saw our kid grow up before our eyes yet again. He, on the other hand, just walked in and opened up the fridge to find himself a snack like he’s been getting himself up from his naps for decades.

Last night I ordered extra locks for both our sliding door and front door because I can’t stop panicking over the thought of my son waking up in the middle of the night and wandering out (he can reach and operate all of the locks on the doors).

On a related note, I noticed about fifty new gray hairs on my head today.

We’re celebrating all of the big excitement with a family cold. We’re so predictable.


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