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mixer love, day two

The “mixer book” made its appearance at dinner yet again tonight. In fact, it made its appearance first thing this morning at breakfast and again when my wife was trying to get BG ready to go on an outing. This is quickly becoming his new favorite literature.

I kind of blew his mind tonight though, for today, we had received our monthly coupon book from Costco. Inside was a coupon for a red KitchenAid mixer and another for a shiny silver Cuisinart. I cut them out and handed them to him. His mouth dropped, and his eyes widened, and he just didn’t know what to do with himself.

I am leaning toward getting him a toy mixer for the holidays (we were already planning on a play kitchen), but then I thought, maybe that’s not what he wants at all.  Additionally, we have been thinking about redecorating BG’s bedroom because we’re transitioning him to a big boy bed. Perhaps that new theme will not be animals or letters or the solar system. Perhaps, instead, it will be large-scale, glossy photographs of high-quality kitchen appliances. Every two-year-old boy’s dream, right?

I love my quirky little guy.

On a side note, on that playdate we recently had with a mom and her two kids, we learned that the boy, who is just a couple of months older than BG,  happens to be in love with his mom’s Cuisinart. I see a lifelong friendship in the making. Now, if only my son wouldn’t knock him over ever five minutes, they might just have a chance.


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