Can I tell you a secret?

No, I’m not pregnant.

My kid slept until 8:15 this morning. I haven’t slept past 8:00 since he was born. Over two years of that, and I thought I was fine, but I didn’t remember what this felt like–“this” being rested.

Now, I still have ample dark circles under my eyes, but this feels like a new world. I had multiple dreams last night. I got to sprawl across the whole bed once my wife left for work. I wasn’t the first person out of bed this morning. And when I got up, I didn’t feel as though the only way I could possibly keep my eyes pried open would be to mainline coffee. I was nice without even trying!

I am under no illusion that this will last. He slept through the night for a whole month sometime during the summer, and we were all kinds of bliss, and then he started waking up multiple times a night again. Even then, he woke up for the day at 5:00 or 6:00, so I still didn’t necessarily feel rested, but this new trend of sleeping through the night AND sleeping later is pure loveliness.

Do you hear me, BG? It would be just fine if you kept on sleeping like this, my boy. Just fine indeed.

But don’t tell anyone. Hell, I shouldn’t even be talking about it. Next thing I know I’ll be up half the night begging him to “sleep in” until 4:00. (Oh but it’s lovely right now!)


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4 responses to “shhhhhhh

  1. Oh I’m so glad! Rest can certainly do wonders, that’s for sure. Glad you got some and hope it continues 🙂

  2. Ainsley

    ooo, that’s just the best. Owen only sleeps until 7 when he’s sick, but anything after 6am feels like heaven! Here’s hoping BG keeps it up!

  3. poppycat

    Your second paragraph made me laugh! How luxurious to sleep like that. My kiddos usually sleep until 7 every day but I get up during the week at 5:30 – yuck. I do love the weekends though! I hope BG realizes the joys of sleeping in and makes it part of his regular routine.

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