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my son’s dragon


Our poor boy has been stricken with a nasty cold. In the past, we have helped him through his congestion and cough with a humidifier. We tried to do that again last night and again tonight only to learn that to our son, the humidifier (which he can pronounce perfectly) is a steam-breathing, hissing dragon. He just woke up wailing for me to come to his room. We has snuck the humidifier in after he fell asleep because his cough was so nasty. Well, he discovered it, and he told me “Humidifier away, Mommy! Turn humidifier off! Humidifier scared!” I obviously removed the thing promptly. This language of his is so heartbreaking at times. Had I known how scary the thing was to him, I would have hid it somehow.

And now, a few photos because we’re all just too busy and harried tonight for a full post.


Rediscovering the Ergo: He adores fastening the buckles and now carrying his bear around. Nevermind that if he stops holding onto it, it will slip right off.





"Mixer hat": One day, we were baking, and I put a bandanna on my head. BG wanted one too, and the next day, brought his one out for me to put on him. He calls it his mixer hat.



BG sampling a little honey.


Precocious little boy.


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